ISRO chief Somnath unveils Zero Emission initiative of SFO Technologies

World Sunday 12/May/2024 08:20 AM
ISRO chief Somnath unveils Zero Emission initiative of SFO Technologies

Kochi: Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Chairman and Secretary, Department of Space, Government of India, S. Somanath, unveiled the carbon reduction initiative of SFO Technologies, the flagship company of the NeST Group, on Saturday.

Besides planting a sapling at the NeST Hitek Park to mark the occasion, he also unveiled a replica of Chandrayaan at the campus, highlighting the cooperation of SFO Technologies and ISRO. Somanath also interacted with the NeST engineers and management team.

The carbon reduction initiative of the NeST Group is in tune with the United Nations' objective of achieving a 50 per cent reduction by 2035 and zero emissions by 2040.

While addressing the gathering, he said that the Indian space industry is offering a tremendous opportunity for the private sector in the country as a new area of growth and development. The government of India envisages the space industry in the country as a 9-10-billion-dollar industry in the next 5-10 years from the current levels of 2 billion dollars.

He also said that 400 private sector companies have benefited from the technology developed by ISRO for its various missions and companies like SFO Technologies are well positioned to take further advantage of the new policy initiatives in the space sector by the government of India.

SFO Technologies has had a close association with ISRO for many years. The two have worked on multiple programmes, such as the RF sub-systems for Chandrayaan and Aditya Missions, the manufacturing of antenna systems, and cryogenic engine control systems for launch vehicles.

NeST Group Chairman N. Jehangir said discussions are on with ISRO for various projects, including the Gaganyaan project, which aims to carry human beings to space for the first time through the Indian Space Mission.

SFO Technologies and NeST Group are committed to protecting the environment and reducing carbon emissions. The impact of climate change is very evident in everyday life. Countries such as the UN, the European Union, and the US have imposed mandatory restrictions on carbon emissions and are currently encouraging companies to reduce emissions, said Althaf Jehangir, CEO and Executive Director, SFO Technologies, Hardware and Manufacturing.

He also said that they have signed agreements with multiple partners to create a model of being a socially responsible organisation by minimising carbon pollution. Nazneen Jehangir, CEO and Executive Director, Nest Digital, also spoke on the occasion.