Oman's First Large Language Model Pioneering in Speed and Privacy

Roundup Thursday 02/May/2024 16:07 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman's First Large Language Model Pioneering in Speed and Privacy

Today marks a significant milestone in the field of artificial intelligence as we proudly announce our AIx GPT, the first large language model developed by AIx (subsidiary of Emaar Groups, Oman). This revolutionary model represents a leap forward in AI technology, leveraging cutting-edge LPU architecture and our own optimized quantization techniques. AIx-GPT is designed to deliver responses 10 times faster than current models, redefining the speed at which AI can assist in decision-making and problem-solving.

Mohammed Al Junaibi, Chairman of Emaar Group of Companies, Oman, commented on this significant achievement, emphasizing the potential of AI Solution such as AIx GPT to be a catalyst in Oman's digital transformation and economic growth. He expressed confidence that this technology would enhance efficiency across various sectors, contributing to the nation's prosperity.

Key Features of AIx GPT:

• Enhanced Token Limit: Our model is fine-tuned to generate responses with a more extensive token limit, enabling more comprehensive and detailed answers.

• Optimized for Speed: Leveraging state-of-the-art LPU architecture, AIx GPT promises a 10x increase in inference speed, providing answers faster than ever.

• Privacy-Centric Approach: In a world where data privacy is paramount, AIx GPT stands out by offering private Large Language Models (LLMs) to our clients. This ensures that sensitive information is processed securely without any breaches.

• Accessibility: Our model is uniquely designed to run efficiently on consumer hardware, such as laptops, PCs, and mobile devices. This innovation eliminates the need for internet access or heavy computing power, making advanced AI technology accessible to all.

• Offline Functionality: AIx GPT can function as a personal assistant without requiring internet access, ensuring constant availability.

Industries We Serve:

• Data Security: AIx GPT offers secure, private Large Language Models ideal for businesses managing sensitive data.

• Education: Enhances learning with accessible AI tools, beneficial for students with limited hardware capabilities.

• Healthcare: Assists doctors in diagnosing diseases swiftly and accurately, improving patient care quality.

• Finance & Banking: Provides robust fraud detection and personalized financial advice, enhancing transaction security and financial planning.

• Retail & E-Commerce: Empowers customer service through AI chatbots and optimizes inventory and supply chain management.

• Manufacturing & Logistics: Enables predictive maintenance for machinery and streamlines logistics with efficient route and delivery methods.

• Oil & Gas: streamlining exploration, optimization of production, and ensuring pipeline safety, significantly enhancing operational efficiency.

• Media & Entertainment: Delivers personalized content recommendations and aids in creative content generation.

• Tourism & Hospitality: Offers customized travel planning and enhances customer experiences in hospitality settings.

• Legal & Compliance: Automates legal document review and aids in efficient legal research.

• Public Sector & Government: Improves public service efficiency with AI automation and supports policy analysis and development.

AIx is committed to pushing the boundaries of AI technology, and with AIx GPT, we are taking a giant leap towards making AI more accessible, faster, and secure. We envision a future where AI is a seamless and integral part of everyday life, enhancing personal and professional experiences across the globe. Visit