Mall of Muscat celebrates fifth anniversary as a top leisure and entertainment destination

Roundup Wednesday 01/May/2024 15:54 PM
By: Times News Service
Mall of Muscat celebrates fifth anniversary as a top leisure and entertainment destination

Muscat: Mall of Muscat marked its fifth anniversary on April 15, affirming its position as a leading leisure and entertainment hub in Oman. Since its opening, the Mall has drawn residents with its diverse offerings in shopping, entertainment, and leisure, establishing itself as a lifestyle epicentre where luxury meets culture and cuisine.

A spokesperson for Mall of Muscat said, “We are pleased to have reached this significant milestone. We have served millions of customers since our doors opened. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our stakeholders – employees, customers, retailers, and the community – for their contributions to our success.”

As it completes five years Mall of Muscat continues its transformative journey, undertaking a strategic refresh to enhance the customer experience. This initiative marks a new era of vibrancy and engagement at the Mall, aiming to enrich the overall ambiance and elevate service quality to ensure that each visit is memorable. In the upcoming months, the Mall of Muscat will unveil a series of captivating activations and outlets, aligning with its commitment to deliver diverse, engaging, and fresh experiences to its visitors. The Mall continues to pride itself as a premier destination for shopping, boasting multiple international brands and offering holistic entertainment options. In 2023, Mall of Muscat achieved over four million footfalls, earned prestigious awards, and hosted a series of successful events, underscoring our dedication to excellence. As the Mall moves forward, it remain focused on evolving and innovating, ensuring that Mall of Muscat continues to set new benchmarks as the leading leisure and entertainment destination.

Mall of Muscat delivers an all-encompassing experience that blends shopping, entertainment, and excitement in one expansive setting. Spanning over 200,000 square meters with more than 240 brands, the Mall meets every shopper's needs, complemented by extensive parking facilities.

The array of leisure activities is vast, including the Middle East’s largest aquarium, the Oman Aquarium, and movie experiences at Novo Cinema. A rich selection of international cuisines offers something for every palate. Fashion aficionados will find their haven here, with options ranging from budget-friendly finds to high-end luxury brands. For those seeking adventure, Mall of Muscat introduces Fun VR, Oman’s premier Virtual Reality Gaming Arena, alongside Fabyland’s diverse attractions for children and Xtreme Zone’s energetic play areas. Mall of Muscat is a journey of joy, luxury, and exhilaration, making every visit a memorable adventure.