Apple slashes Vision Pro production amid plummeting demand

Business Thursday 25/April/2024 12:48 PM
Apple slashes Vision Pro production amid plummeting demand

Washington: Apple's highly anticipated Vision Pro headset appears to be facing a significant setback as reports emerge of a substantial cut in production orders.

A source revealed to Mashable that Apple is slashing its shipment estimates for the year, signalling a downturn in demand far below initial expectations.

Reportedly, the tech giant had initially set its sights on delivering between 700,000 to 800,000 units of the Vision Pro headset.

However, the latest revelation suggests that Apple has scaled back its projections to a modest 400,000 to 450,000 units for the entire year.

This dramatic reduction in forecasted sales indicates a notable decline in consumer interest, especially in the United States, where demand has reportedly plummeted.

The decision to curtail production comes as a surprise, especially considering Apple's plans to launch the Vision Pro in markets beyond the US later this year.

With demand faltering in its primary market, Apple is adopting a cautious approach towards its global rollout, reflecting a sobering reality for the once-promising headset, as per Mashable.

Once hailed as a revolutionary piece of technology, the Vision Pro now appears to be losing its lustre in the eyes of consumers.

What was once the subject of considerable hype and anticipation has now faded into obscurity, signalling a shift in the trajectory of Apple's ambitious venture into augmented reality.

In response to these developments, Apple is reportedly reevaluating its future plans for the Vision Pro lineup.

The report by Mashable suggests that there may be no new model of the headset in 2025, as the company grapples with waning interest and uncertain market dynamics.

Furthermore, projections indicate a potential decline in Vision Pro shipments for the upcoming year, marking a stark contrast to earlier expectations of sustained growth.