Unprecedented violent protests break out in Hong Kong
June 13, 2019 | 2:30 PM
by Times News Service
Violent protests have broken out in the streets of Hong Kong/Image: Supplied.

Hong Kong City: Hong Kong is witnessing the worst protests in its history in the midst of extradition amendment talks being held with China.

The government of Carrie Lam has proposed amendments to the extradition laws that would allow extradition requests from authorities in mainland China, Taiwan and Macau for suspects accused of criminal wrongdoing such as murder and rape.

Hong Kong was a British colony from 1841 until sovereignty was returned to China in 1997.

It is now part of China under a "one country, two systems" principle, which ensures that it keeps its own judicial independence, its own legislature and economic system.

But people in Hong Kong are worried that should the extradition bill pass, it would bring Hong Kong more decisively under China's control.

Seventy-two people aged between 15 and 66 were injured in the violence, including two men who were in critical condition and some 21 police officers, nine of whom were taken to hospital. Two protesters have now been arrested for rioting.

A Telegram group administrator has also been arrested for conspiracy to commit public nuisance, local news outlets reported.

Ivan Ip was said to be the administrator of a group chat on Telegram - which has been used as one of the main channels of communication by protesters - which had 30,000 members.

Reports say he is being accused of plotting with others to charge the LegCo building and blocking other neighbouring roads.

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