1,630 people moved to safer places in 152 rescue operations

T TV Thursday 18/April/2024 10:56 AM
By: Times Tv

Responding to hundreds of distress calls following the recent low-pressure conditions, which led to heavy rains and flash floods in Oman, the Royal Oman Police (ROP) carried out a total of 152 operations leading to the rescue of 1,630 individuals over the past three days across various governorates.

The operations were carried out after the ROP Operations Centre and Operation Departments were inundated with distress calls. These calls have ranged from reports of individuals stranded in rainwater or vehicles to requests for aid and reports of fire incidents.

Besides the rescue operations across different governorates, the operations were done alongside the crucial role in transporting medical crews.

Tragically, amid these efforts, 19 lives were lost, with four individuals still unaccounted for.