Be'ah receives over 31,000 tonnes of waste during Eid Al Fitr 2024

Oman Wednesday 17/April/2024 15:15 PM
Be'ah receives over 31,000 tonnes of waste during Eid Al Fitr 2024

Muscat: Throughout the celebration of Eid Al Fitr in 2024, Oman Environmental Services Holding Company’s “be’ah” engineered landfills saw an influx of over 31,000 tonnes of municipal and slaughter waste, marking a 13% rise from the usual intake. To tackle this substantial rise, proactive measures were implemented, including the deployment of extra skips, machinery, and personnel

Eng. Mohsin Mohammed Al Barwani, GM of MSW Planning & Service Optimisation at be’ah, affirmed that the company set an extensive strategy in partnership with service providers across all Governorates. This strategy is designed to address the anticipated surge in waste volumes during the Eid festivities. The approach includes the strategic placement of sizable skips designated for slaughter waste, calibrated to the demographic scale and accessibility of various communities.

Moreover, it involved augmenting the regularity of skip clearance and waste collection, as well as bolstering on-site supervision to maintain service excellence during the Eid holidays.

Al Barwani added, "The quantities of municipal solid waste and slaughter waste received at the company's landfills during the period from 9 to 13 April exceeded 31,000 tonnes, representing an increase of 13% compared to the quantities of waste received during normal days. Slaughter waste contributed significantly to the increase in the quantities of waste received, in addition to a significant increase in a few other types municipal solid waste quantities."

Al Barwani further pointed out, "The highest increase of waste received this Eid was in the Governorates of A’Dhahirah, North A’Sharqiyah and Al Buraimi with an increase of 93% in these Governorates.”.

He further explained, "A positive change has been observed in the community's overall awareness in dealing with slaughter waste and disposing of it in designated areas, as a result of the efforts made by be'ah through its awareness campaigns before and during the Eid, focusing on the correct behavior in dealing with slaughter waste and preserving the environment."