Peru: PM wins confidence vote amid Rolexgate scandal

World Thursday 04/April/2024 15:53 PM
By: DW
Peru: PM wins confidence vote amid Rolexgate scandal

Lima: Peru lawmakers gave their support to the Cabinet of new Prime Minister Gustavo Adrianzen in a vote of confidence in Congress on Wednesday.

It paves the way for Adrianzen to move forward in his post, which he took up last month.

The vote of confidence passed by a margin of 70 votes in favor to 38 against and 17 abstentions and comes just days after six ministers tendered their resignations, including Interior Minister Victor Torres.

Adrianzen proposed "an administration with clean hands, a transparent government to face corruption and inefficiency," in a speech which lasted nearly two hours.

The prime minister expressed "humility" and gratitude for the support, and called on lawmakers to join the government in its plans for economic revitalisation and "citizen security."

It comes as the country grapples with the latest in a litany of political scandals and allegations of corruption involving the country's president.

President Dina Boluarte's government has been rattled by allegations that she that she illegally enriched herself in office.

Authorities raided Boluarte's home on Saturday as part of an ongoing corruption investigation into unreported luxury watches.

A large team of investigators forced their way into the president's home with a sledgehammer, seemingly looking for "Rolex watches" that Boluarte had not publicly declared.

The probe against her erupted in mid-March when a TV show spotlighted Boluarte wearing a Rolex watch that is worth up to $14,000 (€12,900) in Peru. At least two more watches were later revealed.

The prosecutor's office on Tuesday expanded its investigation into bank deposits of "unknown origin" and also Boluarte's acquisition of a diamond encrusted Cartier bracelet among other items of jewellery.

Boluarte has been instructed to show prosecutors the three Rolex watches that led to the ongoing preliminary investigation on Friday.

Boluarte has denied the illicit enrichment allegations.