Pakistani expatriates in Oman commemorate National Day

Oman Saturday 23/March/2024 17:47 PM
By: Times News Service
Pakistani expatriates in Oman commemorate National Day

Muscat: Pakistan Day, commemorated annually on March 23, holds profound significance for all patriotic Pakistanis worldwide. It marks the historic Lahore Resolution of 1940, later named the Pakistan Resolution, which laid the groundwork for the demand of a separate homeland for Muslims under the leadership of the Muslim League.

While this historic day was celebrated with patriotic zeal in Pakistan, the Pakistani expatriate community in Oman also joined in the festivities, reflecting on the role of their ancestors in securing the nation in the name of Islam and underlining the importance of passing down this historic legacy to future generations.

As Pakistanis united in celebration, their commitment to the prosperity and security of their nation was reignited. On March 23, 1940, the Muslims of the subcontinent adopted the Pakistan Resolution, articulating their demand for a separate homeland where they could live freely according to Islamic principles.

In tribute to the founding fathers whose struggles and sacrifices paved the way for Pakistan’s creation, Syed Shaandar Ali Shah Bukhari, a prominent social welfare worker born and raised in Muscat to one of the oldest Pakistani families, underscored the significance of the day, and said, “March 23rd is an epoch-making day in our national history that reminds us of our past, invites us to ponder over our present state of affairs, and inspires us to build a prosperous future.”

Bukhari, also a senior communications and advertising manager, highlighted the vibrant celebration of Pakistan Day at the Pakistan Embassy in Oman. He noted the embassy’s arrangement of various events leading up to the historical day, including ceremonies honouring accomplished women and eminent figures in education, philanthropy, medicine, and engineering.

“Such events serve to inspire the community and showcase the achievements of Pakistani expatriates, who play a vital role in fostering development and friendly relations between the two countries,” he said.

Bukhari is also deeply involved in social welfare initiatives aimed at giving back to society. With a Pakistani expatriate population of nearly 400,000 in Oman, Bukhari’s efforts focus on addressing day-to-day issues related to their welfare.

He mentioned initiatives such as prisoners’ repatriation, distribution of food boxes to the underprivileged, assistance to the sick in local hospitals, and support for community schools.

Bukhari said: “These endeavours align with the spirit of March 23 and the ongoing holy month of Ramadan, reflecting a commitment to service and community welfare among Pakistani expatriates in Oman.”

Highlighting the significance of Pakistan Day, Mohsin Sheikh, a social worker and former cricketer, emphasised the strength embedded in Pakistan’s constitution and the collective responsibility to safeguard freedom.

He said, “I thank the almighty that we celebrate March 23 annually with the belief that there is so much strength in our constitution that we can change our country if we abide by it for good. We must do everything we can in order to protect our freedom on this day.” Sheikh highlighted the unity and pride displayed by the Pakistani community in Oman in commemorating this historic occasion.

Ch Zahid Shakoor, CEO of an events company in Muscat, said, “March 23 is a significant day in Pakistan’s history and serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made to carve out the nation.” He underscored the selfless struggle of Muslims led by Muhammad Ali Jinnah in the creation of Pakistan and called for a renewed commitment.

Mazhar Javed Saulat, a travel consultant, echoed the sentiment of celebrating Pakistan Day with pride, stressing the power derived from the nation’s constitution and the importance of cherishing and respecting it.

Ch Shahid Shakoor, owner of a popular Pakistani restaurant, reiterated the sense of responsibility that Pakistan Day instills in every Pakistani, urging collective efforts towards a prosperous Pakistan and stressing the importance of unity among countrymen worldwide.

 Iqbal Mohammed, a long standing businessman in Oman, expressed pride in celebrating Pakistan Day in the beautiful nation of Oman. He urged fellow Pakistanis to abide by local laws and work towards fostering better relationships with Omani citizens, highlighting the mutual progress and prosperity of both countries.

As Pakistanis in Oman and across the globe celebrate Pakistan Day, they are reminded of their duty to uphold the values of their homeland while fostering harmonious relations with their host countries and contributing to mutual prosperity and development.