Scientists discover 100 potential new deep-sea species

World Tuesday 12/March/2024 15:20 PM
Scientists discover 100 potential new deep-sea species

Wellington: Marine researchers uncovered around 100 potential new species, including a mysterious starlike creature.

Conducted aboard the research vessel Tangaroa, the three-week voyage delved into the little-explored depths of the ocean, collecting nearly 1,800 samples from depths of up to 3 miles.

Led by Dr. Daniel Moore of Ocean Census, the team aims to identify 100,000 unknown species within a decade.

The findings from the expedition are being closely examined, with scientists intrigued by one unidentified organism, initially mistaken for a sea star or sea anemone.

Dr. Michela Mitchell from the Queensland Museum Network suggests it could be a new type of deep-sea coral or even an entirely novel group, which would significantly contribute to understanding the planet's biodiversity.

Notably, the team also stumbled upon a new species of fish, emphasizing the vast gaps in knowledge of oceanic life.

The expedition employed various sampling techniques, including trawling nets and underwater cameras, to explore the diverse terrain.