Royal Opera House Muscat to host 2024 Ramadan concert series

Oman Tuesday 12/March/2024 15:06 PM
By: Times News Service
Royal Opera House Muscat to host  2024 Ramadan concert series

Muscat: The Royal Opera House Muscat will organise 2024 Ramadan concert series. In a special tribute to the season of peace and devotion across the world, the opera house has scheduled three unique concerts with artists and their ensembles exploring a deeper connection to the season through Sufi, Nasheed and chanting.

The series begins on March 18 with the Ibn Arabi Ensemble from Morocco featuring the Al Zawya Ensemble of Oman. Ibn Arabi specialise in Sufi instrumental and chanting, focusing on reviving popular well-known tunes. Expect to hear songs on the famous Sufi poems by well-known figures such as Ibn Arabi, Ibn Al Farid, Rabi’a Al Adawiya, Abu Al Najib Suhrawardi, and others.

After the opening concert, the second in the series will take place on March 25. In this exquisite concert, the Mawlawiyyin and Levantine Religious Chants Group of Syria, a quartet of vocalists joined by instrumentalists and a choir, lead the praise. Khalid Al Araimi, Oman’s most inspiring chant performer, will join the group on stage to create a beautiful moment of cultural harmony.

In the final evening on April 1, the opera house will welcome Egyptian artist Ali El Helbawy. A sought-after performer, El Helbawy is well-known for his religious chanting, following in the footsteps of his legendary father, Mohammed El Helbawy, and forging a devotional career of his own. Accompanied by his ensemble and a choir, he will perform prayerful Nasheeds, Sufi and religious chants.

Combining renowned international ensembles with Omani participants, the concerts continue to enable the forging of authentic international partnerships through culture.

Each concert will take place at the Royal Opera House of Musical Arts at 9.30pm.