Let’s all unite this Ramadan

Opinion Monday 11/March/2024 20:57 PM
By: Saleh Al-Shaibany
Let’s all unite this Ramadan

It is a month of mercy and blessing and it does not matter what our nationality, creed, religion or background, we can all unite to help those who need us most.

The reason why we refrain from eating during the day it is because we need to be reminded how it feels to be hungry so we can donate to the poor. Gaza in Palestine comes into mind and we know that they have been starved for many weeks now. Our prayers are not enough but the financial aid is important to get food on their mouths.

But the priority this Ramadan starts right here at home. We may not have starving people but as we know not everyone enjoys the same privileges. For one reason or another, we know that some of us, when it comes to open up our wallets for the good deeds, it is not that easy.

 Because food is not the only thing we need to maintain our comfort. Mounting bills like water and electricity, can take away the shine off our lives. However, the spirit of Ramadan is not always about monetary value. It goes beyond that. Ramadan comes only once in a year. Making the most of it is very important.

First, let us make sure we attend to the basic needs of our families that matches our resources. Improving family relationships should be our utmost target in this month. Second, we need to spend more time with them followed by kind words and gestures.

We also need to look at the past twelve months for clues where we went wrong and put it right this time without conditions. Many people put up conditions when they want to do something right. Unconditional kind gestures make you move forward even if someone did you wrong in the past.

It is also the month of reconciliation. It starts from yourself. Learn from your mistakes and put them right. It helps to forgive yourself for all the errors you committed in the last one year. You cannot move forward if you carry the guilt of the past twelve months. Guilt is an emotional cloak that gets heavier all the time.

But Ramadan also goes beyond the boundaries of our families. Since we live in communities that involve different people of all backgrounds and nationalities, we also need to think of their welfare, too.

We might not have the ability or even the time to attend to all their needs but at least we can give our support whenever we can.

In this context, it is important that Omanis reach out to all expatriates who need them to extend a helping hand. Ramadan can be a starting point to extend a hand of friendship to strangers. We all live in the same country and it is important we stick together all the time. No task is too big. No problem unsolvable if we are determined to make it work.

Ramadan can be a starting point for better things to come. Let’s all accept our failings and encourage each other to do better. It is within ourselves to do it no matter who we are or where we come from.