Oman targets investment worth $31bn by 2040: Tourism Undersecretary

Oman Monday 04/March/2024 19:23 PM
Oman targets investment worth $31bn by 2040: Tourism Undersecretary

Berlin: Azzan Qassim Al Busaidi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism for Tourism has underscored Oman’s keenness to give a window at ITB Berlin into the rich variety of incredible experiences available for the visitor to its shores throughout the year.

This was stated in a press conference held in Berlin on Monday, prior to the kick off of ITB Berlin.

Al Busaidi pointed out that last year, Oman received a record-breaking 4 million visitors, up from 2.9 million in 2022, a rise of almost 38%.

He noted that 231,000 of these visitors were from Germany – up 182% on the previous year.

He explained that the Ministry of Heritage and Culture focuses on creating an environment where tourism can flourish and grow.

This is achieved through streamlining visa application processes and easing visa restrictions for citizens of over 100 countries, as well as investing in infrastructure and attractions, said Al Busaidi.

He further added: “In fact, we have ambitious plans for our Tourism sector, with over US$5.9 billion of investment currently funneled into over 360 projects.

We lay emphasis on Oman’s 2050 Net-Zero target, sustainable practices and our responsibilities to future generations, these range from hotel accommodation and resorts to the preservation of heritage sites and historical monuments”.

He pointed out that a total investment of $31 billion is targeted by 2040.

Haitham Mohammed Al Ghassani, Director-General of Tourism Promotion at the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism, affirmed that Oman completed all arrangements to participate in the ITB Berlin Convention 2024. Yesterday, the Ministry concluded the last preparatory rehearsals for the opening ceremony that will be held this evening.

The opening ceremony includes a set of performances, with the participation of the Royal Symphony Orchestra and a group of Omani artists and Omani folklore groups. The performances include scenes that demonstrate the Sultanate of Oman’s tourism features.

Al Ghassani pointed out that the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism also completed preparations related to the Omani pavilion, which will showcase the exhibits of 70 government and private sector establishments within an area of 800 square metres. This is in addition to two additional galleries for promoting adventure tourism and the culinary skills most common in Oman, he added.

Al Ghassani pointed out that, during 2023, the Sultanate of Oman saw a rise in the number of inbound tourists: 4 million tourists by 2023, compared to 3.5 million in 2019.

“Through our participation in ITB Berlin 2024, we aim to attract more tourists during the upcoming period. This calls for more efforts from all participants in the Omani pavilion”, said Al Ghassani.

He added that the ITB Berlin Convention is one of the largest international extravaganzas, in which 160 countries are participating this year. He said that the exhibition offers a good opportunity to promote the tourism and investment potential of Oman.

The Ministry is keen to have Oman-based tourism partners and developers meet their international counterparts and consider means of promoting the existing projects in Oman.