Specialists at Razat Farm discover new species of banana

Oman Monday 04/March/2024 16:18 PM
Specialists at Razat Farm discover new species of banana

Salalah: Specialists running Razat Farm in Salalah succeeded in discovering a new species of banana after observing the organism’s natural growth as a result of spontaneous mutation.

The genetic mutation was the outcome of regeneration that took place in a banana field containing Williams variety [AAA], a sub-group of the Cavendish group.

The farm is affiliated to the Royal Court Affairs.

The process began through the selection of some small seedlings of this new variety in 2015. Its cultivation was followed up over a period of 3 years during which the new mutant of the banana plant was produced.

After confirming the genetic stability of this variety and its positive results, and by, making comparison between the new species and the parent variety (Williams AAA), the specialists could establish the fact that the new variety has its own distinct genetic characteristics.

Besides the cultivar’s good adaptation to soil, water and weather conditions, it also developed a shorter stem than the original variety. The short stem is a positive factor for carrying the cluster and protecting it from damage during winds.

The new variety also boasts two more positive features. It has strong leaves and an ability to bear full fruit ready for harvest three-week earlier than the harvest time of the parent variety. It has heavier stems and less curved fruit.

The new species, named Razat Banana, will enhance the economic revenue.