Changan Oman brings peace of mind this Ramadan with their exclusive offer on their premium model line-up.

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By: Times News Service
Changan Oman brings peace of mind this Ramadan with their exclusive offer on their premium model line-up.

MUSCAT: Arabian Gulf Automobiles and Equipment LLC (AGAE) has launched an exclusive, ‘This Ramadan is all about peace of mind’ promotion on Changan’s premium models to celebrate the Holy Month. The premium models include: CS95 (2.0L Turbo Engine, 224 hp, 6-speed AT), CS75 PLUS (2.0L Turbo Engine, 224 hp, 8-speed AT), CS85 COUPE (2.0L Turbo Engine, 224 hp, 8-speed AT), HUNTER (1.9L Turbo Diesel Engine, 150 hp, 4WD, 6-speed MT and 4WD, 6-speed AT), All-New EADO PLUS (1.5 Turbo, 170 hp, 7DCT), CS35 PLUS (1.4 Turbo, 156 hp, 7-speed DCT), ALSVIN (1.5L Engine, 105 hp, 5-speed DCT). This promotion is valid until April 25, 2024.

The exclusive offer includes low EMI, free registration, free insurance, an assured free service package, an assured free gift with every purchase (window tinting only), and a manufacturer’s warranty (on new vehicle purchases only).

A senior official for AGAE said, “We aim to highlight that Ramadan presents the perfect opportunity and peace of mind to acquire Changan vehicles, offering retail customers substantial benefits through our Ramadan promotion. Our heartfelt thanks go to our esteemed customers for their trust in our brand, and we are delighted to offer them unparalleled service via this exclusive offer.”


As part of the promotion, Changan’s premium models are now available with attractive EMI (Easy Monthly Installments) options, making ownership more accessible and convenient for buyers. The EMI options are offered on a range of various models to cater to the diverse preferences and needs of customers. The luxurious CS75 PLUS is offered at an EMI of OMR 136 for a 6-year loan, while the CS 95MCA (royal) and its exclusive Black Edition are available for OMR 178 and OMR 186 respectively for the same tenure. For those seeking a blend of sportiness and elegance, the CS85 Coupe (Platinum) is on offer for OMR 155, and the robust Hunter (gasoline) for OMR 121 for a 6-year loan. The all-new EADO PLUS 2024 (limited) is listed at OMR 109, the CS35 PLUS at OMR 106, and the compact Alsvin at an incredibly affordable OMR 62 for a 6-year loan. These EMI plans are based on a 20% down payment, subject to credit approval from banks, and are applicable only on vehicles purchased for personal use, ensuring a wide range of customers can find a model that suits their budget and lifestyle.

Free Registration

All customers who purchase Changan premium models during this promotional period will be eligible for free vehicle registration for the first year, applicable only to private registrations. Commercial vehicle (with red plates) customers interested in this promotion will need to cover the cost difference.

Free Insurance

All customers who purchase Changan premium models during this promotional period will qualify for free first-year vehicle insurance, covering Oman and UAE, applicable only to private registrations. Commercial vehicle (with red plates) customers interested in this promotion will need to pay the cost difference.

Assured Free Service Package (Periodic Maintenance Service Only)

Customers who purchase any premium Changan vehicles will receive a complimentary service package, which includes Periodic Maintenance Service in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations. This package does not cover wear and tear parts. The Changan EADO PLUS, CS35 PLUS, CS75 PLUS 2WD, CS85 COUPE 2WD, Hunter Pickup, and CS95 4WD model variants are provided with a guaranteed four years or 75,000 km service package. The Changan Alsvin model variants come with a guaranteed three-year or 55,000 km service package.

Assured Free Gift with Every Purchase (Window Tinting Only)

During the promotion period, purchasers of the Changan EADO PLUS, CS35 PLUS, CS75 PLUS, CS85 COUPE, CS95 4WD, and Hunter will receive complimentary window tinting. This service, along with ceramic coating, will be performed exclusively at our Changan service centres.

Manufacturer’s Warranty (For New Vehicle Purchases Only)

All customers purchasing from the Changan range of passenger cars, crossovers, and SUVs will benefit from a 6-year/250,000-kilometer manufacturer’s warranty for the 2023 and 2024 models. The Hunter comes with a 5-year or 150,000 km manufacturer’s warranty. The manufacturer’s warranty is subject to the terms and conditions specified by the manufacturer and does not cover wear and tear parts.

CHANGAN CS95: A seven-seat 4WD SUV

Changan’s high-performance full-size SUV CS95 is a seven-seater SUV 4WD which amplifies your driving experience with sophisticated luxury and superior comfort and has been designed to stir your driving emotions. With a commanding presence and muscular stance, the Changan CS95 is designed to demand attention wherever it goes. With meticulously crafted details complemented by convenient technology, the CS95 ensures refined luxury in every drive for up to seven passengers. With a range of innovative driving technologies, the CS95 delivers an assured sense of confidence and control to the driver. Its Blue Core Powertrain Technology based on the principles of power, clean, and quiet, provides owners with a highly efficient and energy-saving performance. Under the hood is a Blue Core 2.0L turbocharged engine mated with a 6-speed AT which produces 224 horsepower and 360 Nm of torque. CS95 is packed with endless features and has numerous advantages over the competition in its segment.

CHANGAN CS75 PLUS: See the Future

With its premium design, comfortable automotive interior, and highly intelligent configuration, the compact crossover Changan CS75 PLUS, which comes in luxury and sport variants, offers a host of special features. The Changan CS75 PLUS 2WD features a more sloped roofline and more power. Under the hood, it has a 2.0-litre Turbo-charged 4-cylinder engine, mated to a 7-speed automatic transmission with a power of 224 hp and torque of 360 Nm. With a wheelbase of 2710 mm, it measures 4700 mm in length, 1865 mm in width and 1710 mm in height.

CHANGAN CS85: The luxurious coupe

Changan CS85, the luxurious crossover coupe combines the dynamic handling of an SUV with the sporty aesthetics of a coupe to give owners the best of both worlds. Packed with a 2.0L turbocharged engine which produces 224 horsepower and 360 Nm of torque, and an 8-speed AT, the Changan CS85 Coupe redefines the definition of smoothness. Positioned as a premium coupe SUV, the model stands out from its counterparts by its sleek appearance, focus on high quality, and application of the latest technology in the vehicle's many features. The Changan CS85 Coupe is a sporty coupe-designed SUV which reflects one’s personality. Style and fashion will be the new constant in your life once you own this sporty coupe. The Blue Core Powertrain Technology based on the principles of power, clean, and quiet, provides highly efficient and energy-saving performance.

CHANGAN All-new EADO PLUS: Beyond Your Expectation.

All-new Changan EADO PLUS is a compact yet aggressive family sedan with premium styling, a luxurious interior, and plenty of safety features. With intelligent safety features to assist drivers, the EADO PLUS lets drivers be at peace when on the road. Building upon its inherent design language, the EADO PLUS ups the ante with a crisply styled exterior that emphasizes a strong sense of sportiness. With a 1.5-litre Turbo engine, the Changan EADO PLUS limited edition offers power of 170 hp, 260 Nm of torque and transmission of 7-speed DCT. The model offers a dimension of 4770 x 1840 x 1440 mm (LxWxH), a wheelbase of 2765 mm, a fuel tank of 51 litres and excellent fuel economy of 18.3 km per litre as per GSO.

Changan Hunter Pickup: Power to perform

Equipped with safety features and modern driving systems, The ‘power to perform’ Changan Hunter with a 1.9-litre Turbo diesel engine produces 150 hp with a 6-speed manual transmission and is available in 4 WD. One of the greatest facets of the Changan Hunter is its pick-up capabilities and usage. Being a heavy-duty pickup for loading, it is sturdy, spacious and of high quality, and is suitable for various load and road conditions. Boasting class-leading power and excellent ground clearance, it delivers an unmatched level of supremacy and capability, especially for the farm and construction sector. Offering excellent seating comfort, SUV-like interiors and manifold features, the Changan Hunter ensures a pleasurable and comfortable drive for the passengers. The Changan Hunter’s double cabin pick-up also comes with a 2.4 turbo gasoline engine producing 210 hp with a 6-speed Manual (2WD and 4WD) and Automatic transmission available in 4WD.

CHANGAN CS35 PLUS: New-gen crossover

Changan’s CS35 PLUS, a sporty new-gen crossover equipped with state-of-the-art technologies is popular for its unparalleled driving experience. Energetic like the youth, it is packed with a 1.4-litre Turbo-charged engine which produces 156 hp and 260 nm of torque and is fitted with a 7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) to always keep you ahead of the segment competition. CS35 PLUS possesses a fashionable appearance, strong power and good entertainment features. Developed by the global research and development team of Changan Automobile, it integrates all comprehensive functions: high-quality performance, comfortable driving experience, large internal space, and abundant configurations of entertainment. Vibrant in style and sporty in design, the All-new CS35 PLUS has a robust presence on the outside, while the beautifully crafted interiors give a first-class feel when you step inside. Its vibrant and energy-filled design appeals to the youth and the tech-savvy. It is a youthful SUV for the younger generation who are spirited, passionate, and social and want to become the influencers of their time.

Changan Alsvin: Impeccable energy-efficient family sedan

Bearing a streamlined body design, exquisite interior design, and impeccable energy-efficient engine, the Changan Alsvin allows owners to exceed their everyday expectations. The 1.5L 5-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission car truly brings unparalleled value to customers and offers an excellent fuel economy of 18.3 km per litre. Changan Alsvin’s inline-4 motor engine puts out 105hp and 145 Nm of torque. The Changan Alsvin brings features and technology to the customers of the segment that they could previously only have dreamt of. The additional features offered in the 1.5L DCT are comparable to the highest-priced alternate cars in this segment such as moon roof, cruise control, TPMS, start-stop technology and heated side mirrors. Measuring 4390mm x 1725mm x 1490mm, Changan Alsvin’s boot capacity is an adequate 390 litres. The entry-level four-door sedan boasts contemporary styling, characterized by sleek and swoopy lines. Alsvin's front end is dominated by a large grille that extends below the bumper line and its modern interior displays a dashboard that features a floating infotainment touchscreen that is much in demand now.

About AGAE

Arabian Gulf Automobiles and Equipment has set up a spacious and state-of-the-art showroom in Al Qurum, Al Mawallah, Al Sohar, Ibri and Salalah and apart from that Sales centres in Nizwa, Barka, Ibra, Buraimi. The Main service centre is in Azaiba, Muscat plus customer gets service across Oman i.e in 10 key branch locations which are specified above. For more information, call Changan Oman Toll free number 80050800, WhatsApp on 94641010 or visit our showroom in Al Qurum. You can also visit and register at www.changanoman.com to book test drives and call back.