Labour Ministry organises conference on management of institutional change

Oman Sunday 03/March/2024 17:28 PM
Labour Ministry organises conference on management of institutional change

Muscat: Tasks of a conference titled “Institutional Change Management” kicked off today under the auspices of Sheikh Rashid Ahmed Al Shamsi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Social Development.

The two-day conference, organised by the Ministry of Labour in cooperation with Media Thought Foundation, seeks to enhance participants’ understanding of the importance of change management as a fundamental pillar in achieving strategic transition in institutions.

The conference also aims at boosting the capabilities of leaders and managers in understanding structural and cultural change and, accordingly, guiding their institutions towards sustainability and innovation.

The conference elaborates on the best practices in leading effective change and identifying mechanisms for evaluation and measurement, to ensure the effectiveness of transition.

It also looks into ways of introducing an organisational culture that embraces innovation and excellence (in performance) and stimulates interaction among various government and private sectors.

The conference underscores the significance of ‘change management’ in achieving strategic transition, as well as the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in data analysis to help anticipate and prepare for future developments.
Through the conference, the participants learn how to conduct strategic analysis using AI, contribute to developing scenarios to meet the objectives of change and explore how information technology can accelerate government digital transition.

The conference also focuses on developing leadership capabilities (to deal with the challenges of change) and achieving success in strategic transition. It promotes opportunities for developing an organisational culture that supports change and encourages innovation. It reviews various mechanisms for evaluating the effectiveness of transition processes, providing measurable results and focusing on improving the quality of government services.

The conference targets directors of offices tasked with the implementation of Oman Vision 2040, directors of training and human resources departments, project managers, executives operating in areas of digital transition, strategic planning and sustainable development, academics and researchers interested in the field of change management. -ONA