In its 50 edition, Muscat Open tournament, sponsored by Sohar International, experiences remarkable engagement and participation

Roundup Saturday 02/March/2024 17:42 PM
By: Times News Service
In its 50 edition, Muscat Open tournament, sponsored by Sohar International, experiences remarkable engagement and participation

In line with its commitment to contribute to the promotion of Oman as an international sporting destination, Sohar International, the fastest-growing bank in Oman, has recently expanded its support as the Platinum sponsor for the prestigious 50th Muscat Open Golf Championship 2024. Acknowledged as a premier amateur golf tournament in the GCC, the two-day event took place on February 23 and 24, 2024, at the Ras Al Hamra Golf Course. The championship attracted enthusiastic participants from Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Great Britain.

Mr. Ahmed Al Musalmi, Chief Executive Officer of Sohar International, said, "As golf continues to ascend as a worldwide sport, the 50th Muscat Open emerges as a defining moment, spotlighting Oman as a premier sports destination on the world stage. Our partnership with this esteemed international sporting event underscores Sohar International’s steadfast dedication to advancing the nation's socio-economic development. Our commitment to such endeavors not only enhances the sporting landscape but also inspires individuals to strive for excellence, propelling them toward their highest potential."

Golf in Oman has emerged as a powerful catalyst for socioeconomic growth. The establishment of world-class golf courses and associated infrastructure has not only attracted international tourists but also spurred investments in other sectors, including hospitality and real estate. As Oman positions itself on the global sports tourism stage by hosting international golf tournaments, the nation gains prestige, visibility, and opportunities for further partnerships, solidifying the sport's role as a dynamic driver of Oman's economic and social advancement. By aligning with such a longstanding event, Sohar International aims to further contribute to the development of golf in Oman.

Furthermore, the event's support for junior golf programs not only promotes the growth of the sport but also provides a platform for aspiring golfers to pursue their passion and excel in their professional careers. Consequently, events like these reinforce Sohar International's role in nurturing a vibrant sports culture in the country. By supporting such global level sporting events, Sohar International has been actively supporting initiatives that strengthen the position of Oman on the world map and highlight the country’s various assets through sponsorships, public representation and financial support.