The Zubair Corporation Launches ‘The Zubair Connect’ Initiative to Foster Sustainable Development

Roundup Sunday 18/February/2024 12:23 PM
By: Times News Service
The Zubair Corporation Launches ‘The Zubair Connect’ Initiative to Foster Sustainable Development

The Zubair Corporation proudly unveils its latest initiative, "The Zubair Connect, in alignment with the Sultanate of Oman's Vision 2040 and as a testament to its commitment to sustainable development. This pioneering programme aims to catalyse collaboration and synergy between the public and private sectors, heralding a new era of innovative partnerships.

As a prominent player in Oman's business landscape, The Zubair Corporation has always been committed to contributing positively to the nation's development journey. With The Zubair Connect, the Corporation aims to leverage its expertise, resources, and networks to create impactful initiatives that address key challenges and opportunities outlined in Vision 2040.

The Zubair Connect served as a platform for facilitating strategic alliances between government entities, businesses, academia, and public sector entities. By bridging the gap between various stakeholders, the initiative seeks to unlock synergies, foster innovation, and drive sustainable development across multiple sectors.

The launch event, graced by international speaker James Taylor, renowned for his expertise on topics like entrepreneurship and ‘supercreativity’, witnessed the gathering of decision-makers, industry specialists, and stakeholders from both sectors. This convergence of minds underscores the shared commitment towards advancing Oman's development agenda through novel approaches and collaborative endeavours.

Rashad bin Mohammed Al Zubair, Chairman of the Board of Directors of The Zubair Corporation, emphasised the imperative of effective communication and open-minded collaboration amidst evolving global dynamics. He remarked, "At The Zubair Corporation, we recognise the importance of collaboration in realising Oman's Vision 2040. Through initiatives like The Zubair Connect, we aim to catalyse partnerships that harness the collective strengths of both the public and private sectors to address pressing socio-economic challenges and unlock new opportunities for growth."

Niels Bormans, Group Chief Executive Officer of the Zubair Corporation, highlighted the Corporation’s enduring legacy of contributing to Oman's economic landscape over the past 57 years. “The increase in technological forces has led to noticeable and rapid changes in the world, and despite the challenges imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, emphasising the importance of innovation and local value addition in an increasingly technology-driven world. The next editions of The Zubair Connect will focus on several key areas aligned with Vision 2040 priorities, including economic diversification, human capital development, environmental sustainability, and social welfare enhancement.”

The launch of "The Zubair Connect" comes at a pivotal moment as Oman charts its course towards a more sustainable and inclusive future. With a steadfast commitment to driving progress, The Zubair Corporation has played a pivotal role in shaping Oman's infrastructure, culture, tourism, and industry sectors. Its diverse portfolio of companies and strategic ventures spans across regional and international markets, reflecting a legacy of excellence and innovation.

The Zubair Connect initiative stands as a testament to The Zubair Corporation's unwavering dedication to advancing Oman's development agenda and fostering sustainable growth through collaborative partnerships.