Abraj showcases innovation and strategic growth at IPTC 2024

Business Tuesday 13/February/2024 11:18 AM
By: Times News Service
Abraj showcases innovation and strategic growth at IPTC 2024

Al Dhahran: Abraj Energy Services, Oman’s leading provider of oil and gas services, participates significantly in the International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC 2024(, hosted by Aramco in Al Dhahran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This event marks a pivotal moment for Abraj as it showcases its leadership, innovation, and strategic partnerships in the oil and gas sector.

With a commanding 28 per cent share in Oman's drilling market and over 15% in key well services as of 2023, Abraj Energy Services has solidified its position as a leader in the industry.

"Our participation at IPTC aims to exchange knowledge with the industry leaders in the energy sector. Hence, it aligns with our strategic expansion and growth plans for the regional and global markets. Our exceptional market share, international alliances and partnerships, and operational excellence demonstrate our dedication to superiority and strategic vision. We're not just meeting industry standards; we're redefining them." stated Eng. Saif Al Hamhami, CEO of Abraj Energy Services.

Abraj's strategic partnerships with Saudi Arabian Chevron, Kuwait Gulf Oil Company, and TotalEnergies for drilling services in early 2023 clearly indicate the company's aspirations to extend its regional presence and contribute towards energy security and economic growth at both local and global levels.

"Our human capital and industrial resources support our vision to be the energy market leader for our services. We are committed to adapting to environmental and innovative advancements to revolutionise the sector," concluded Eng. Al Hamhami.

Abraj's commitment to excellence and efficiency is reflected in delivering more than 250 wells per year within the performance targets of our clients while maintaining unparalleled safety performance for over ten years. "Our prequalification as an operator for Aramco and entry into the Saudi market is a significant strategic achievement for Abraj, strengthening our competitive advantage in the region," said Mr Salah Al Harthi, Business Development Director at Abraj.

Abraj's innovative approach is evident in its introduction of Integrated Fracturing services, a first in the Mena region by a local company, and its active participation in research and development. These efforts underscore Abraj's commitment to pioneering solutions that address the industry's evolving needs. Abraj Energy Services continues to lead in operational excellence, innovation, and sustainability, setting the standard for the future of the energy sector.