Salalah Rotana Resort: The jewel in tourism crown of the Sultanate

Roundup Saturday 10/February/2024 20:57 PM
By: Times News Service
Salalah Rotana Resort: The jewel  in tourism crown of the Sultanate

In an exclusive interview to Khaled Orabi, the reporter of Al Shabiba, the sister publication of Times of Oman, Ahmed Afifi, Hotel Manager of Salalah Rotana Resort, described his stint in the hospitality industry in the Middle East, spanning from Egypt to Iraq and now in the Sultanate of Oman.

He gave insights into the booming tourism season, sustainability initiatives, and the resort’s commitment to providing unparalleled experiences to guests.

Afifi emphasised the resort’s commitment to environmental sustainability with focus on preserving the natural beauty. The resort prioritises the use of eco-friendly materials, aligning its practices with global environmental concerns.

Highlighting Salalah Rotana’s pivotal role in meeting the needs of travellers seeking sustainable accommodations, Afifi explained about the use of eco-friendly materials, underscoring the resort’s dedication to environmental preservation as a preferred choice for environmentally conscious travellers.

In a significant move, Salalah Rotana Resort recently announced its commitment to obtaining certification from UNESCO, reinforcing its dedication to global sustainability standards.

 Additionally, the resort received the prestigious Hospitality Sustainability Certification, showcasing its commitment to creating an eco-friendly hospitality experience.

Salalah Rotana continues to set new standards in sustainable hospitality, offering guests not only a luxurious retreat but also an opportunity to contribute to a greener and more responsible future.

Seasonal Success

Afifi revealed that the resort is on the verge of full occupancy, attributing this achievement to the breathtaking landscapes of Salalah and Rotana’s strategic location, making it a dream destination for European travellers.

He expressed confidence in Salalah Rotana’s ability to deliver an unforgettable experience to guests seeking relaxation and adventure. With the onset of each season, Salalah Rotana continues to set new standards of excellence, proving that sustainability and success go hand in hand in this ideal sanctuary.

Exceptional entertainment activities

Afifi also disclosed that Salalah Rotana offers an exciting array of activities and entertainment for guests of all ages, ensuring an immersive experience. From daily to weekly events, the resort guarantees a captivating experience, including noteworthy amenities for guests to savour every service. He highlighted the resort’s state-of-the-art fitness centre, among the best in the city, and its renowned health spa.

Hawana Salalah:

A tourism hub

Salalah Rotana Resort is an integral part of Hawana Salalah, the largest tourism destination in the region. This strategic location significantly contributes to the growth of the tourism industry in Oman. The symbiotic relationship between the resort and Hawana Salalah ensures guests to have access to countless attractions and experiences, enriching their stay.

Hawana Salalah boasts a stunning 7-kilometre long sandy beach, providing guests with a tranquil coastal haven. With thousands of palm trees, it epitomises Salalah’s natural beauty, creating a haven for those seeking peace and wnatural splendour.

Technological advancements for guest comfort

Afifi explained how Salalah Rotana leverages technology to enhance guest experiences. From seamless check-ins to personalised services, the resort embraces innovation to make every guest’s stay more comfortable and enjoyable.

International partnerships and market expansion

Afifi expressed gratitude and appreciation for the valuable partnerships with international travel agencies from various European countries. He outlined the resort’s proactive approach to exploring new markets, with a strong focus on Scandinavian countries for the coming year. The recent launch of weekly flights from Hungary underscores Salalah Rotana’s commitment to expanding its global reach.

Oman: A beloved destination

Afifi shared encouraging news about the positive reception from visitors coming from Hungary. Oman has captured their hearts, emerging as one of their favorite destinations.

This sentiment aligns with the resort’s vision to make Salalah a global attraction.