Oman takes part in Berlin meeting

Business Friday 29/July/2016 21:46 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman takes part in Berlin meeting

Berlin: Shura Council participated in the International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy in the Arab world organised by the International Institute of the Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin.
A working paper on the cultural diplomacy and its role in the Sultanate was also presented by Mohammed bin Abu Bhacker Al Ghassani, Shura Council Deputy Chairman.
The paper reviewed some successful models that have contributed to enhancing understanding internally and externally, touching upon a number of topics ranging from the dissemination of scientific knowledge.
Importance of tolerance
It also stressed the importance of language in bridging the cultural gap among people.
It also talked about the importance of tolerance and its role in societies and how it reinforced the Sultanate’s principle through a variety of initiatives, such as peace and harmony for promoting dialogue and understanding.
The paper also touched on the need to create channels of communication between young people and community groups.
He also spoke about the National Committee for Youth and its contribution in strengthening the role of young people and develop their skills and knowledge through programmes.
These initiatives contributed to the development of skills of young people and the dissemination of knowledge, he added.