Indian expatriate gets round shape egg in Oman

Business Friday 29/July/2016 19:55 PM
By: Times News Service
Indian expatriate gets round shape egg in Oman

Muscat: Amjad Ibrahim bought a perfectly round egg at a shop near his home in Al Ghubra.
The 31-year-old Indian national said he found it on July 24 and was amazed by the egg’s almost golf ball-like shape.
While he could’ve mistakenly cracked it open to make a cake, Ibrahim googled the shape of the egg and found out that he had landed a very precious gift as a similar round-shaped egg was auctioned in Latchingdon, United Kingdom for OMR285 in 2015.
He told the Times of Oman that he is planning to sell it on eBay and use the money for charity.
Ibrahim shared this surprise with his friends through a Facebook post and promised to donate the collections from fund raisers to charity.
“I was searching for eggs at a local market near my place in Al Ghubra when I saw this spherical egg in a small box,” Ibrahim said, adding that he wants to auction it at a starting price of around OMR250 and use the cash for “good cause.” While he has not offered it yet on eBay for sale, Ibrahim has created an email [email protected] so anyone interested can contact him to purchase the egg.
“If any fund raisers inside Oman can help me raise the money for charitable work, it would be great,” he stated.
Last year, the media reported that a hen called Ping Pong had laid a one-in-a-billion perfectly round egg, which was sold on eBay for around OMR280.
Owner Kim Broughton, 44, from Latchingdon in Essex, was shell-shocked after her hen laid the spherical egg on Pancake Day. Ibrahim works as a business development consultant for a private firm in the energy sector and has been in Oman for a year and a half.