Developments happening in Red Sea a matter of concern: MEA

World Thursday 01/February/2024 19:33 PM
Developments happening in Red Sea a matter of concern: MEA

New Delhi: Amid the ongoing escalations in the Red Sea, the Ministry of External Affairs said on Thursday that it is a matter of concern for India.

On being asked if India has discussed the situation in Red Sea with other major powers, and what is New Delhi's policy on the issue, the official spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Randhir Jaiswal in a weekly presser on Thursday said, "It is a matter of concern, not just for us, but for several international players. We have been discussing this with our interlocutors...the French President was here, with Iran when our External Affairs Minister travelled there, and also with the UAE President when he was here."

"So, it is a matter of concern. We want to address maritime security, we want to address freedom of navigation, as to how we can secure these lanes," the MEA spokesperson said.

The MEA spokesperson also highlighted that the Indian Navy is also active, and providing support to several vessels, not only in India but in other nations as well.

The Indian Navy has been widely appreciated for its rescue efforts too.

"You are also aware that the Indian Navy is active in this area, in the Gulf of Aden, in the Arabian Sea, and they have been providing support... to several vessels, not just Indian, but of other nations as well, and of course, supporting Indian sailors on them, which has been widely reported and widely appreciated," Jaiswal added.

Amid maritime security challenges including in the Red Sea, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar had earlier spoken about the "perceptible increase in threats" to the safety of maritime commercial traffic in an important part of Indian Ocean and said there have been some attacks in the "vicinity of India".

He said threats to maritime commercial traffic also have a bearing on India's energy and economic interests.

The EAM also said that this situation would not benefit any party.

"This fraught situation is not to the benefit of any party and this must be clearly recognised," he also said.

There have been attacks on cargo ships in the Indian Ocean region.

The vessels that came under attack included the India-bound MV Chem Pluto, which was carrying 21 Indians onboard. The vessel was later escorted by Indian Coast Guard Ship Vikram to the Mumbai coast.