Al Wusta Governorate to garner projects worth more than OMR6 million in 2024

Oman Wednesday 31/January/2024 20:15 PM
Al Wusta Governorate to garner projects worth more than OMR6 million in 2024

Haima: Due to its distinguished geographical location, Al Wusta Governorate is set to witness major economic growth. The governorate already features major projects within the purviews of the Special Economic Zone at Duqm (SEZAD), which places the governorate on the map of global investment destinations.

Sheikh Ahmed Musallam Al Kathiri, Governor of Al Wusta, has said that development projects carried out in the governorate help enhance service, entertainment and tourism aspects.

Al Kathiri told Oman News Agency (ONA) that the governorate boasts other projects like Suqra-Lakbi seafront in the Wilayat of Al Jazir, Ras Madarka in the Wilayat of Duqm, and Shannah in the Wilayat of Mahout and verdant parks.

He added that the Governorate is set to house many other economic projects that will be unveiled in the near future, including Haima seafront.

Al Kathiri said that projects being implemented in the Governorate of Al Wusta include internal roads, Mahout seafront, a service station in the wilayat of Duqm, and Rima area development project in the wilayat of Al Jazir.

He explained that projects coming up in Al Wusta will cost OMR4-6 million, and that those projects will bring about direct benefits to the local citizens and boost the tourism sector.

Al Kathiri pointed out that SEZAD constitutes an integral part of the national economic gateways that bolster economic and commercial activity.

He explained that Al Wusta Governor’s Office and SEZAD join hands in maximising benefits from investments to boost the services of health, education, tourism and entertainment. The two sides also coordinate to upgrade infrastructure and generate employment opportunities for the people of the governorate, he added.

Al Kathiri said that the government of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik devised strategies and plans to encourage large establishments to offer support to small and medium enterprises.

He said that the Governor’s Office is studying the possibility of taking advantage of the airports owned by some entities and companies in Al Wusta Governorate in order to operate more flights linking Muscat and Salalah to Al Wusta Governorate. The aim is to facilitate access to tourist sites, events and activities that will be held during the upcoming period and ease the movement of citizens and employees working in the governorate, he said.