China-Oman partnership reaches new heights: Ambassador Li Lingbing

Oman Wednesday 31/January/2024 17:33 PM
By: Times News Service
China-Oman partnership reaches new heights: Ambassador Li Lingbing

MUSCAT: China’s Ambassador to the Sultanate of Oman, Li Lingbing, has hailed the deep-rooted friendship with Oman and said the trade relations between the two nations have grown and the partnership has reached new heights.

Speaking in fluent Arabic at a Symposium between Chinese Embassy in Oman and Oman media at the embassy premises on Wednesday, Lingbing highlighted the strong ties between China and Oman, emphasising their deep-rooted historic friendship.

The event served as a platform to discuss bilateral cooperation, reflect on past achievements, and outline the future trajectory of the two nations' collaboration.

Ambassador Lingbing began by summarising the 45-year journey since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1978.

She underscored the significance of the strategic partnership announced in 2018, marking a new stage in China-Oman relations. Over the years, economic and trade cooperation has flourished, with the bilateral trade volume reaching $40.45 billion by the end of 2022.

She said: “China has consistently been Oman's largest trading partner and the destination for its crude oil exports.”

Highlighting the fruitful exchanges of 2023, Ambassador Li mentioned visits from various Omani ministers and high-ranking Chinese officials, contributing significantly to deepening practical cooperation across diverse fields.

She particularly emphasised the success of key projects, including infrastructure, technology, and energy initiatives.

Among the notable projects that are going on in Oman, Ambassador Lingbing highlighted China State Grid Corporation's investment in Oman's transmission grid projects, Huawei's contributions to Oman's telecommunications infrastructure, and the positive impact of Huaxin Cement Company's investment in Oman Cement Company.

Furthermore, the ambassador detailed collaborations in sectors such as education, artificial intelligence, and satellite technology. She also noted the signing of agreements to boost Omani fish product exports to China, marking a substantial step forward in this sector.

Ambassador Lingbing shared insights into the embassy's vision for future cooperation, emphasising a commitment to the Belt and Road Initiative and Oman Vision 2040. She urged joint efforts in fields such as new energy, high-tech, and education, highlighting the potential for green cooperation, technological advancements, and cultural exchanges.

Touching on global diplomacy, Ambassador Lingbing outlined China's dedication to building a community with a shared future for mankind. She stressed the importance of an equal and orderly multipolar world and a universally beneficial and inclusive economic globalisation.

The ambassador also reiterated China's consistent stance on the Palestinian issue and reaffirmed Oman's support for China's positions on Taiwan and Xinjiang.

In closing remarks, ambassador Lingbing expressed gratitude for Oman's unwavering support, underlining the enduring friendship between the two nations. She reiterated China's commitment to fostering a shared future, emphasising the need for mutual trust, strategic communication, and ongoing practical cooperation.

She offered an invitation for journalists to visit Xinjiang, dispelling false narratives and encouraging a firsthand understanding of the region's reality.

Ambassador Lingbing expressed confidence that continuous collaboration would strengthen China-Oman relations, marking a model of successful cooperation between nations with diverse backgrounds and systems.