Five Inspiring Bike Enthusiasts To Follow on Instagram

T-Mag Thursday 28/July/2016 14:14 PM
By: Times News Service
Five Inspiring Bike Enthusiasts To Follow on Instagram

1. Sam Polcer
Sam has a unique, lively account. He takes super cool shots of random bikers riding in the streets of New York and shares them with the world, from vintage riders to hipster athletes to everyday cruisers. An inspiring Instagram to follow.
Instagram: @PreferredMode

2. Jered Gruber
Follow Jered and his wife Ashley on biking adventures around the world, with beautifully captured photographs amid virgin nature. He posts his racing and touring photos too. A must-follow for bike enthusiasts.
Instagram: @JeredGruber

3. John Watson
This account is filled with John’s organic bike-riding shots, as well as a few creatively choreographed shoots. Following him will make you want to hit the road.
Instagram: @theRadavist

4. Tyler Evans
Check out Tyler’s account if you’re curious about how bikes are built. His posts will give you a glimpse of super cool creations, from putting together bits and pieces to riding completed masterpieces.
Instagram: @fireflybicycles

5. Viki Gómez
Viki is world champion known for his crazy BMX bike stunts, following him will keep you updated on his every move, and you’ll find snaps of his golden bike, well-shot stunts, and tidbits from his personal life.
Instagram: @vikigomezbmx