Hottest Events Happening in Oman This Weekend

T-Mag Thursday 28/July/2016 13:16 PM
By: Times News Service
Hottest Events Happening in Oman This Weekend

28.07.2016 Thursday

Sohar Samba
Dance enthusiasts in Sohar can finally party in their own ‘hood, with Muscati’s making the trip north to groove to the beats of international DJ, Daniella.
Sohar Beach Hotel
+968 2684 1111

29.07.2016 Friday

Bully Good Time
If you are looking for a high-energy traditional activity to watch, then head to Barka this weekend to see a live bullfight (don’t worry, unlike in Spain, these bulls fight each other, and not to the death). Wait in the City Seasons Hotel parking at 4.30pm with others waiting to be taken to the bullfight. City Season’s Hotel (meeting point), Barka
+968 9389 1525

Yoga Youth
The Rajyoga Centre has organised activities and meditation for young people in Muscat to introduce them to the mind-body practice.
+968 2478 2924

30.07.2016 Saturday

Up, Up, and Away
Muscat Grand Mall is offering free mini hot air balloon rides for kids this weekend.
Muscat Grand Mall
+968 2200 0000