Jalan Bani Bu Ali: hidden tourism gem in Oman

TimesTV Thursday 06/June/2019 16:14 PM
By: Times News Service
Muscat: A group of Omanis have made a video in an attempt and increase tourism in Wilayat Jaalan Bani Bu Ali after they noticed a decline in tourism in the area.

Their aim is to attract more tourists to their hometown by giving them a glimpse of the wonders of the wilayat.

Twenty three-year-old Content Creator Salim al Senaidi told the Times of Oman, "Jalan Bani Bu Ali is the place that I was born and raised. Jalan is unique, compared to other cities, with its own nature and traditions, so I made this video to showcase the beauty that's hidden from the world."

Al Senaidi has worked with several volunteer groups over the course of the past five years. And he is always working to serve his hometown, and to him this is just another way to express his love for his hometown.

The content creator hopes that his work will capture the attention of tourists and the Ministry of Tourism alike, and play a part in increasing tourism to Jalan.

Al Senadi was joined by Khalid al-Ghannbousi and Mohammed al-Ghannbousi in creating the video.