Which country is next to be attacked by the USA!

Opinion Saturday 13/January/2024 20:30 PM
By: Mohamed Alzadjali
Which country is next to be attacked by the USA!

The United States of America has long been regarded as a global superpower, wielding significant influence over international affairs. Often seen as the self-proclaimed ‘world police’, the USA has taken it upon itself to intervene in various conflicts and crises worldwide. However, critics argue that this interventionist approach is nothing more than a facade, masking a more sinister reality: The USA as an organised terrorist.

For decades, the USA has positioned itself as the guardian of global peace and stability. It has intervened in numerous conflicts, citing the need to protect human rights, promote democracy, and combat terrorism. From military interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan to covert operations in Latin America and the Middle East, the USA has consistently portrayed itself as a force for good in the world.

The USA’s military capabilities, economic influence, and political clout have allowed it to shape international policies and dictate the course of global events. It has established military bases in various countries, signed defence agreements with allies, and imposed economic sanctions on nations deemed a threat to its interests. This dominance has led many to view the USA as the self-appointed world police, acting as the arbiter of justice on the global stage.

While the USA’s interventionist policies may be presented as noble and well-intentioned, critics argue that they often result in disastrous consequences. The invasion of Iraq in 2003, based on false claims of weapons of mass destruction, led to the destabilisation of the region, the rise of extremist groups, and countless civilian casualties.

Similarly, the conflict in Afghanistan, which began in 2001, ended in a disaster and at the end no one knows what the USA achieved?

Furthermore, the USA’s support for authoritarian regimes, as long as they align with its interests, raises questions about its commitment to democracy and human rights.

Critics argue that the USA’s actions, particularly in the context of the War on Terror, mirror those of terrorist organisations it claims to fight against. The use of drone strikes, often resulting in civilian casualties, has been heavily criticised for its indiscriminate nature. Additionally, the USA’s extensive surveillance programmes, revealed by whistleblowers like Edward Snowden, have raised concerns about privacy rights and civil liberties.

Moreover, the USA’s support for rebel groups and proxy wars in various regions have contributed to the perpetuation of violence and instability. The arming of rebel factions in Syria, for example, has led to a protracted civil war and a humanitarian crisis of immense proportions. While Israel is committing genocide under its protection, people are raising the question, is the USA really the peace-broker or a trouble-maker?

Al Houthis could not bear the genocide that is being committed by Israel and the USA against the Palestinians and took decision not to allow ships to Israel. So far they have not killed any people on ships rather just stopping them from reaching Israel. The USA claims that the Red Sea is not really safe anymore, yet if you track ships online, you would see hundreds of ships passing by the strait with no issues but the ones going to Israel.

Friday early morning, the USA and its shadow the UK bombed Yemen and killed and wounded people while Oman did not allow its air space to be used for those kinds of attacks. One wonders if the USA is going to put Oman on the list of terrorist countries since the Sultanate did not allow those planes to fly over its air space. Like President Bush said either with us or against us!