As September comes around, people hope for cooler weather
September 1, 2018 | 7:24 PM
by Times News Service
The cool weather gives everyone a chance to explore Oman and everyone should make the most of it.

#ReadersResponse: With this being the first Readers Response for the month of September, it looks like both minds inside and outside the Times of Oman office are thinking the same thought: August’s departure normally signals the start of better weather in the Sultanate, with temperatures becoming better as the year wears on.

September is when the weather starts to get cooler in Oman and is often recognised as the start of the tourist season, but for Indian expat Daniel Pereira, it is simply a chance to resume a long-standing family tradition.

“Every evening, my wife and I go to Love Street near Crowne Plaza hotel in Qurum for a walk by the beach,” he said. “The weather is good at this time of the year, and we couldn’t go in the summer because it was so hot. But now that the weather is getting cooler, we are looking forward to going for a walk again. It might sound simple, but we really enjoy our walks. Love Street is also quite a popular location and Oman is a really safe place, so it is as good a place as any other to be in.”

“Sometimes, we take my son along as well, but you know how it is with teenage boys,” added Daniel. “But his exams are almost here and he needs to study. Despite this, we will ask him to join us if he wishes to because it is good to take a break from the books at times, and the sea air and the breeze will really help clear his head and help him refocus, especially if he is having a bad day.”

Mohammed Tabooq, a native from Salalah, added, “My family and I spend three months of the year in Muscat, because we come here to see our relatives and other family members. Then, we go back for the end of the Khareef Season and everybody comes with us, and then, they go back after a week to 10 days.”

“Salalah is fortunate to have good weather throughout the year. The hot weather across Oman really improves from September onwards, and it can be a relief for people,” added the Omani national. “We are lucky to enjoy good weather in Salalah because we are from there, and while it might sound surprising, it is nice to enjoy the hot weather now and again.”

Patrick O’Keefe, an Irish national working in Oman, said the cool weather was a chance for him to explore the country on his days off.

“I’ve been here for a couple of years now and this country is just amazing,” said O’Keefe, who works in the oil and gas sector and moved here from Dubai. “Other Arab nations are just sand and buildings but Oman is just so different. The cool weather gives everyone a chance to explore Oman and everyone should make the most of it. I think I might try the new road from Adam to Thumrait, or see what the Batinah Expressway is like.”

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