'Government-owned companies have low Omanisation percentage'

Business Tuesday 26/July/2016 21:36 PM
By: Times News Service
'Government-owned companies have low Omanisation percentage'

Muscat: The percentage of Omanisation in the companies fully owned by the government is low, especially when it comes to high position jobs, the Ministry of Finance said in a circular.
The ministry addressed the circular to the chairmen of the companies’ boards owned by the government.
It also explained that under the efforts made to raise the production quality in the companies owned by the government and under the Oman Labour Law issued under a royal decree, a report has been tabulated by the State Audit Institution on evaluating Omanisation and the measures adopted by the companies to activate mechanisms to promote Omanisation.
The ministry noted that a low percentage of Omanisation in companies owned by the government has been seen, especially in senior positions. The ministry also noted that there is no timeline to replace Omanis instead of expats at such companies. It also noticed the existence of employees over the age of 60, of which 72 per cent were expats.
Companies owned by the government have been directed by the ministry to follow the Labour Law regulations to include details of employees in job contracts. The job contract should include the work type, contract duration, basic salary and allowances, the notice period to terminate the job contract and the other terms and conditions.
The ministry also called on the companies to work on increasing the percentage of Omanisation in all positions, especially the higher ones through a timeline to reach the percentage of Omanisation approved by the board of companies.
The companies will also have to come up with a five-year plan to replace expats with nationals, which will have to be approved by the board of these companies and for another five years, where nationals will be prepared to become advisors.
The ministry issued a circular on July 20, which was signed by Darwish bin Ismail bin Ali Al Balushi, minister Responsible for Financial Affairs, asking everyone to cooperate and follow the instructions given by the ministry.