Omani youth learn to keep pace with digital economy

Oman Saturday 23/December/2023 17:55 PM
By: Times News Service
Omani youth learn to keep pace with digital economy

Muscat: The Royal Academy of Management concluded the Master’s Programme in Leadership and Management.

The course aims to train young national cadres who are scientifically and practically empowered and have the knack to keep pace with the digital economy built on innovation.

 The programme was implemented through the latest blended online learning methods, and the participants in the Master’s Programme in Leadership and Management graduated from the category of department heads and the like in units of the state’s administrative apparatus after completing the third and final educational course from the Thunderbird College of Global Management of Arizona State University in the United States of America.

The programme allowed participants to learn about international experiences and discover the global perspective in multiple fields, including leadership, management, innovation, strategies, public policy analysis, and agile government. The programme was also distinguished by its diversity in implementation methods.

The Academy - with the scientific and cognitive component provided by the university - was keen to add other components in order to achieve complementarity, and to provide a qualitative programme that combines scientific knowledge and mental development, enhancing leadership skills and capabilities, and managing processes to change and enhance innovative patterns of thinking.

Economic landscape

The third educational course was implemented to complement the Master’s Programme in Leadership and Management at Arizona State University, and included many enriching sessions presented by an elite group of speakers, during which several pivotal topics were addressed that focused on the economic landscape, partnerships between the public and private sectors and their role in driving innovation and technological progress through review a number of cases and examples from the ground.

Revitalising the economy

The sessions also addressed topics related to economic success, modern manufacturing mechanisms and what they represent in the integration of public and private efforts, revitalising the economy and attracting technology giants to invest, in addition to learning about a project that works to harness modern technology to achieve impact on a global level, and bring communication applications that enrich people.

The sessions also touched on adopting smart technologies to achieve urban growth and economic progress, with a focus on joint efforts between the public and private sectors, technological progress, and innovative initiatives in shaping the economic path towards achieving flexibility and sustainable growth.

The learning trip also included a number of field visits to a number of institutions in the United States of America, during which participants learned about the direct impact of innovative strategies in various social, economic, health care, climate adaptation and other fields.

During the implementation of the third (final) educational course of the Master’s Programme in Leadership and Management, a number of group projects that participants worked on in the field of digital transformation were reviewed, and innovative ideas were created to suit the requirements of the new economy, as the projects varied to include various sectors in the Sultanate of Oman.


These are developing the creative cultural industries sector, the government digital transformation program, developing the self-employment sector system, in addition to the project to establish the social health insurance program, and developing the internal and external communication strategies in the “Invest in Oman” hall.