"Important to respect freedom of expression": Norwegian Embassy in Islamabad

World Saturday 23/December/2023 08:23 AM
"Important to respect freedom of expression": Norwegian Embassy in Islamabad

Islamabad: The Norwegian Embassy in Islamabad has reacted to the crackdown on Baloch protestors in Islamabad, stressing the importance of respecting freedom of expression and the right to peaceful protest.

Taking on social media 'X', the Norwegian Embassy in Islamabad posted, "Norway is worried over yesterday's reported handling of a demonstration in Islamabad by protesters expressing their concerns over alleged HR violations in Balochistan. Important to respect freedom of expression and the right to peaceful protest."

Baloch activist Mahrang Baloch expressed her views on the ongoing situation in Islamabad.

The Baloch Yakjehti Committee posted a video message of Mahrang Baloch on X, stating, "They have misused their power and blatantly beaten the peaceful protesters. Despite this, hundreds of protesters remain in police custody, with many sent to unknown locations. None of this information is being provided by the authorities."

Further, she urged the people for their support and attention, adding that the sit-in will continue at the National Press Club in Islamabad.

"Mahrang Baloch is expressing her views regarding the critical situation and chaotic environment created by the police. Your support and attention are needed at this time. Furthermore, we plan to continue our movement through a sit-in at the National Press Club in Islamabad," the post added.

"People from all walks of life are requested to join us tomorrow at 10 AM at NPC, Islamabad," Baloch requested.

Earlier today, the committee also posted another video message of Imaan Zainab Mazari, a lawyer and human rights activist.

The post emphasised that Mazari is deeply concerned that some of the names of the students are not included in the provided list, nor have court proceedings mentioned their names.

"She is deeply concerned for them, fearing that something terrible will happen to them or that they will be added to the list of forced disappearances," the post said.

Notably, it was the 28th day of the movement against the Baloch Genocide; the detained females were released at last after 26 hours of humiliation, harassment and torture from Islamabad Police.

Still, 162 male protestors have been shifted to Adiala Jail and more than 50 males have been detained in different police stations in Islamabad.

"We request and appeal to the Baloch nation to continue their protests against the inhumane treatment of protesters in Islamabad and stand up against this treatment of Baloch nation and raise their voice in each and every possible way for those detained friends, who had the courage to speak and stand against the mass genocide of Baloch nation," the committee posted earlier.

The committee further stated, "We shall continue our movement against Baloch Genocide and the extra-judicial abductions."