Protiviti Oman partners with Nidaa Charity Team to extend their ‘i ON Hunger’ initiative

Oman Monday 11/December/2023 20:18 PM
By: Times News Service
Protiviti Oman partners with Nidaa Charity Team to extend their ‘i ON Hunger’ initiative

Muscat: In a significant demonstration of compassion and community service, Protiviti Oman has partnered with Nidaa Charity Team to extend their ‘i ON Hunger’ programme, directly impacting the lives of hundreds of families in need.

This initiative, a local adaptation of Protiviti’s global campaign, focuses on packing distributing essential food boxes and toys to underprivileged families and children.

Volunteers from diverse backgrounds, including Protiviti team members, their clients, Sidrah women, and other business partners, have come together in a remarkable display of unity and dedication.

This year, the initiative reached a new height with an increasing number of food boxes packed and distributed, each filled with vital food staples.

Discussing the programme, Faiza Al Rashdi, CEO of the Nidaa Charity Team, said, “The enduring charitable collaboration with Protiviti, now in its seventh consecutive year, reflects admirable cooperation, commitment, and positive influence. Their involvement cultivates a culture of generosity, motivating volunteer efforts. We extend heartfelt appreciation for the continued dedication of Protiviti in elevating underprivileged families towards a dignified family life.”

A volunteer shared her experience, stating, “Witnessing the children’s faces light up as we arrived was truly moving. We’re doing more than just providing food. We’re bringing hope and a sense of belonging to these families.”

The Country MD of Protiviti, Shatha Al Maskiry remarked, “Our collaboration with Nidaa Charity Team, now in its seventh year, exemplifies the powerful results of shared efforts. We’re not only supporting families in need but also inspiring a wave of positive change across the community.”

The ‘I ON Hunger’ campaign by Protiviti Oman, part of a global effort that has contributed over 15 million meals, continues to grow in scale and impact, demonstrating the profound impact that collective action and compassion can make in the lives of many.