Experience premium motoring with INFINITI SUVs this Ramadan
June 3, 2019 | 11:13 AM
by Times News Service

Muscat: In the spirit of the holy month of Ramadan, INFINITI Oman has introduced special offers across its SUV range of INFINITI QX50, INFINITI QX60, INFINITI QX70 and INFINITI QX80.

With performance as a priority, INFINITI SUVs are fitted with smart technologies that adapt to the needs of customers. These SUVs – INFINITI QX50, INFINITI QX60, INFINITI QX70 and INFINITI QX80 – have multiple advanced features to please even the most demanding of lifestyles, such as versatile interior with adaptable seating, cargo space, and the individualised entertainment system. The special offer on INFINITI SUVs will go on till July 4, 2019.

A senior spokesperson at INFINITI Oman, said, “INFINITI SUVs have a lot to offer for all types of drivers in Oman – from families with children and pet owners to desert off-road enthusiasts who can use the impressive tow power to help stranded fellow drivers. INFINITI SUVs continue to be amongst the best-selling vehicles in Oman for obvious reasons. They are an excellent choice for anyone looking for powerful performance, safe drive, and comfortable interiors.”

The exclusive deal on INFINITI SUVs includes special prices, special interest rate, assured gifts, assured cash gift, periodic vehicle maintenance, free registration, free insurance, manufacturer’s warranty and AAA/ Road assistance card.

The scheme is applicable for all customers purchasing INFINITI SUVs for personal use only. It is not applicable for rent a car, taxi, driver trainer, fleet and ministry billing segment.

Ramadan offer highlights

Special Price

Customers purchasing INFINITI QX70 3.7 LUXE SENSORY during the scheme period are eligible for a special price of OMR 16,500.

Special Interest Rate

All customers purchasing INFINITI QX80 in the scheme period are eligible for 1.99% (rate of interest) for four years or 0% (rate of interest) for two years. The offer is applicable on the purchase of MY 2018 models only. Customers can opt for only one of the interest rate options. The special interest rate benefit will be applicable for customers opting to avail vehicle loan through following select finance companies/banks (Al Omaniya and Muscat Finance).

Customers opting for automotive loan other than above will be financed as per terms of respective bank/finance company. Customers purchasing in cash, LPO and credit will not be eligible for special interest rate benefit. For all tenures beyond four years, normal interest rates (as per existing bank/finance company scheme) will apply for the full tenure of the loan. This rate is applicable for individual purchase with private registration only and is subject to finance and credit approval.

Assured gifts

All customers purchasing INFINITI QX50, INFINITI QX60, INFINITI QX70 and INFINITI QX80 in the scheme period are eligible for two gift items – Frederique Constant Men’s Watch and Frederique Constant Women’s Watch.

Assured cash gift

A cash gift of OMR 2500 is being offered on INFINITI QX50 2.0; OMR 2500 on INFINITI QX60 3.5 and OMR 4000 on INFINITI QX80 5.6.

Periodic vehicle maintenance

Customers purchasing INFINITI QX50, INFINITI QX60 and INFINITI QX80 in the scheme period will get a free Periodic Vehicle Maintenance of four years or 60,000 kms (whichever is earlier). This offer excludes battery, and wear and tear components.

Free registration

All customers purchasing INFINITI QX50, INFINITI QX60, INFINITI QX70 and INFINITI QX80 in the scheme period will be eligible for free first year vehicle registration.

Manufacturer’s warranty

INFINITI QX50, INFINITI QX60, INFINITI QX70 and INFINITI QX80 purchased in the scheme period will have a three years/100,000 kms manufacturer’s warranty.

Free insurance

All customers purchasing INFINITI QX50, INFINITI QX60 and INFINITI QX80 in the scheme period will be eligible for free first year vehicle insurance (for Oman and UAE).

AAA/ Road Assistance Card

Free AAA / Road Assistance Card will be given on the purchase of INFINITI SUV vehicles only for the first year only and as supported by AAA Oman and UAE.

INFINITI QX50: Optimizing power and efficiency

VC-Turbo engine of INFINITI QX50 is the world’s first production-ready variable compression ratio engine, transforming on demand. A breakthrough in combustion engine design, the 2.0-liter VC-Turbo engine adjusts its compression ratio to optimize power and efficiency.

A multi-link system continuously raises or lowers the pistons’ reach to transform the compression ratio. High compression ratios aid efficiency, while low ratios enable greater power and torque. The VC-Turbo offers any compression ratio between 8:1 (for performance) and 14:1 (for efficiency), maximizing driver control. The engine delivers 268 hp (200 kW and 380 Nm) and fuel economy of 14.1 km/l combined, front-wheel drive; 13.6 km/l combined, all-wheel drive. Front-wheel drive models offer a

35% improvement in fuel efficiency over the previous V6 gasoline QX50; all-wheel drive models offer a 30% improvement.

The engine is paired with a continuously-variable transmission (CVT), for seamless power delivery. Its infinite number of gears perfectly matches the engine’s ability to transform.

The INFINITI QX50 is built on an all-new platform, featuring a front-engine, front-wheel drive-based layout. Engineered with flexibility of application in mind, the new platform sets new standards for refinement, rigidity and interior space in the compact premium SUV segment.

The platform’s layout allows for higher levels of packaging efficiency than before, resulting in the QX50’s ideal interior proportions for passengers and cargo.

The QX50 represents the first automotive use of SHF (Super High Formability) 980 MPa high- tensile steel, further strengthening the all-new platform. The high-tensile material can be molded into unprecedented shapes, saving weight and representing a torsional rigidity improvement of 23% over the current QX50. This rigidity allows the car to resist flex and vibrations, as well as reduce the level of noise transmitted to the cabin.

INFINITI QX60: Premium exterior design

Featuring superior interior and exterior design with a collection of assistive and in-built technologies, the INFINITI QX60 which is a fantastic three-row luxury crossover stays ahead of the curve by bringing a unique offering to the segment.

While it impresses auto enthusiasts with its array of features, INFINITI QX60’s intelligent technology, advanced performance, and leading-edge craftsmanship has brought it new fans too.

INFINITI QX60’s innovative design gives it both luxurious versatility and visual appeal, besides its improved interior design with a suite of assistive and intuitive technologies

provide versatility precisely tailored to the needs of every guest. Furthermore, the state-of-the-art INFINITI QX60 is completely redesigned from the exterior and also boasts a host of new features and technologies that enhance comfort, convenience and safety.

INFINITI QX60 continues to deliver in spades on the technology front. Added to the INFINITI QX60 is Forward Emergency Braking (FEB) with Pedestrian Detection. When combined with the already existing industry first features like Predictive Forward Collision Warning, Backup Collision Intervention and Around View Monitor, it makes for one of the safest 7 seat crossovers in its segment from a technology perspective.

INFINITI QX60’s new suspension components and settings combine to deliver superior levels of both comfort and agility, while a revised steering system delivers greater feedback for a more rewarding drive. Featuring Intelligent All-Wheel Drive, the QX60 is offered with a powerful and efficient 3.5-litre V6 gasoline engine.

Lavishly enriched, the versatile and new INFINITI QX60 emphasizes comfort and utility. Exceeding segment expectations by providing flexible and accessible seating for up to seven,the premium crossover delivers superior standards of comfort and luxury.

INFINITI QX70: Exhilarating and dynamic sports performance

The QX70's aggressive silhouette is highlighted by a strong front-to-rear shoulder line, tight greenhouse, kicked-back roofline and integrated rear spoiler, while its large LED taillights extend beyond the body, helping create aerodynamic downforce. Large dual exhaust outlets with chrome finishers cap the action-ready appearance.

The special QX70 Sport Package provides an added level of stealthy performance appearance with a dark finish front grille with dark finish upper and lower surrounds, and dark finish fog light surrounds, outside mirror housings, side air vents, lower side moldings, roof rails, and upper and lower trunk finishers.

All QX70s come equipped with an advanced 3.7-liter DOHC 24-valve V6 with INFINITI's Variable Valve Event & Lift (VVEL) valve control technology, which continuously adjusts valve timing and lift amounts, enabling higher fuel efficiency with higher torque and improved emissions over conventional variable valve designs. The VVEL intake camshafts, which feature continuously variable lift control teamed with a Continuously Variable Valve Timing Control System (CVTCS), allow for a 6,800-rpm redline.

The engine includes an aluminum block and heads and electronically controlled throttle system and has been tuned specifically for use in the QX70. The engine is rated at 325-horsepower and 267 lb-ft of torque. Along with VVEL, the advanced V6 engine design also features a silent timing chain for quiet operation, microfinished crank journals and camlobes, and resin-coated lightweight pistons, a dual exhaust system with equal length exhaust manifolds and low muffler exhaust pressure to help improve engine breathing.

INFINITI QX80: Designed for limitless luxury

With its distinctive lines, an impressive interior expanse and finely crafted premium details, the INFINITI QX80 defies the limits of comfort and surrounds up to eight passengers in luxury. The QX80’s aggressive profile gives it an undeniably refined and sophisticated edge.

From its striking exterior lines to the intricately stitched fabric of its interior, the QX80 was designed to command attention.

The QX80 features striking new additions to its unmistakable exterior. Arresting lines follow the arc of a wider grille frame with a chrome finisher along the edges of the new, larger 22- inch wheel design.

Whether at a cruise, on busy urban roads, or on a winding highway, the INFINITI QX80 remains composed and controlled at all times. The INFINITI QX80 offers a comfort-oriented ride with the suspension engineered to filter out poor road conditions and keep occupants comfortable.

Finally, the design changes to the car are accompanied by optimised aerodynamic properties. With a drag co-efficient of 0.36 Cd – competitive with the most aerodynamic

designs in the segment – the new INFINITI QX80 features a range of modifications to better direct air over, around and under the vehicle. INFINITI has applied its ‘zero lift’ approach, maximising stability at higher speeds. Revisions to the car include a new under-body cover, reshaped to improve air flow and reduce air pressure beneath the body and better direct air away from the rear tires to reduce drag.

In partnership with the advanced suspension, the QX80’s powertrain ensures effortless and refined progress. With a powerful 5.6-liter V8 engine driving the rear or both axles, the new QX80 remains the consummate performer in even the worst driving conditions.

The QX80 is available with rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, the latter enabling all- wheel traction when conditions require it, and off-road capability when the driver demands it. With optimal all-season power delivery, the rear-biased drivetrain defaults to rear-wheel drive, continually adjusting power distribution between front and rear axles.

Ramadan Timings

INFINITI Oman showroom located at Qurum is now open from 9 am to 2 pm and 8 pm to 11.30 pm from Saturday to Thursday. On Friday’s the showroom will be open between 8 pm and 11.30 pm. INFINITI Oman showrooms across other governorates will be open during the same time from Sunday to Thursday.

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