Nurturing green spaces for urban sustainable living

Oman Wednesday 06/December/2023 21:24 PM
Nurturing green spaces for urban sustainable living

Muscat: In the pursuit of sustainable urban development, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning in Oman has launched an array of initiatives across governorates in the Sultanate.

They are aimed to foster sustainable urban development, enhance quality of life, and create appealing cities that align with planning policies and criteria.

One of the major focuses will be nurturing green spaces within city landscapes, according to Dr. Hanan bint Amer Al Jabri, Director General of Urban Planning.

Hanan shed light on the holistic approach taken to redefine urban living, emphasising the pivotal role of abundant green areas in enhancing residents’ quality of life.

The top official highlighted the approach during a recent presentation titled ‘Vibrant Public Places’, a collaborative effort involving various government stakeholders including Muscat Municipality and the Environment Authority.

She said: “The ‘Vibrant Public Places’ initiative focuses on humanising cities, making them more dynamic, and improving the livability of public spaces by reducing concrete and cement structures.

Hanan added: “Our aim is to increase the allocation of public space per person in Muscat Governorate from 2 to 4 square metres, with plans to extend this enhancement to other governorates.

“The goal is to create lively, verdant spaces that foster community interaction and well-being.”

This initiative aligns seamlessly with the Ministry’s concerted efforts to encourage green initiatives among citizens. Encouraging the planting of trees around residential units and integrating landscaping quotas into land planning regulations stand as instrumental steps toward nurturing greenery within urban landscapes.

The recent nationwide tree planting event, conducted collaboratively across all governorates, helped not only to expand green spaces but also to educate and empower communities about the benefits of green areas in urban settings.

By placing a strong emphasis on sustainable landscaping and fostering green havens within cities, Muscat’s urban planning initiatives transcend mere development - they embody a vision for a greener, more sustainable future.

As the city strives to become a model for eco-conscious urban living, its commitment to nurturing green spaces solidifies its position as a beacon of sustainable urbanisation within the Sultanate and the broader region.