Sohar University Of Technology And Applied Sciences In Collaboration With Sohar Port And Freezone Launch Artificial Intelligence Lab

Roundup Wednesday 06/December/2023 19:29 PM
By: Times News Service
Sohar University Of Technology And Applied Sciences In Collaboration With Sohar Port And Freezone Launch Artificial Intelligence Lab

Suhar: Sohar University of Technology and Applied Sciences unveiled the Artificial Intelligence (AI) lab supported and funded by SOHAR Port and Freezone. Equipped with cutting-edge spaces and the latest technology, the lab aims to enhance national capacities in the field of AI and technology, benefiting students, faculty, technicians and researchers. This is where students can gain experience in emerging technologies and their application in port operations, contributing to the safety, efficiency and sustainability of the port. This marks a significant milestone in the organization’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering innovation within young people in Suhar.

In this context, an agreement was also signed with Sohar University of Technology and Applied Sciences to launch a program that includes student exchange and practical training. This collaboration represents a new step in the partnership between the SOHAR and the University to develop local talent and nurture innovation among youth living in the governorate. It also provides a unique opportunity for these young minds to analyze and devise solutions for real-world scenarios, thereby enhancing their skillsets and understanding of industry dynamics.

Dr. Said bin Hamad Al-Rubaie, President of Sohar University of Technology and Applied Sciences, commented on the initiative, stating, " This initiative not only enriches the educational experience of our students but also aligns with our commitment to enable graduates who are industry-ready and globally competitive."

Omar bin Mahmoud Al Mahrizi, CEO of SOHAR Freezone and Deputy CEO of SOHAR Port, mentioned, " This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to nurturing future talent and fostering innovation. The AI Lab serves as a powerful learning space, providing students with unparalleled opportunities to harness the power of cutting-edge technologies and embrace the digitalization that characterizes our rapidly evolving world."

He added, “SOHAR Port and Freezone is excited to work closely with UTAS to provide students with the opportunity to gain practical experience all in the while addressing real-world challenges. This exemplifies our dedication to nurturing a thriving talent ecosystem within the community.”
The joint efforts of SOHAR and the University serve as a shining example of how industry and academia can come together to shape a brighter future for all, bridging educational output with technical requirements on the job. By integrating AI into academic curricula, the organizations are working together, to create a generation with the right skill sets and knowledge to continuously innovate and contribute to building a knowledge-based society.