Sayyid Badr, Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs explore measures to develop bilateral relations

Oman Monday 04/December/2023 15:20 PM
Sayyid Badr, Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs explore measures to develop bilateral relations

Tehran: Sayyid Badr Hamad Al Busaidi, Foreign Minister, on Monday held a meeting in Tehran with Dr. Hossein Amir Abdollahian, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The meeting discussed a number of topics of relevance to bilateral relations, means of expanding cooperation and exchanging benefits to serve the interest of the two countries’ peoples.

The two sides also discussed regional and international developments of common concern, most notably the painful developments in the Gaza Strip. They exchanged views about humanitarian and political efforts made to extend relief aid to the Strip, lift the siege and terminate the escalation and brutal Israeli aggression on civilians. In this context, they affirmed their unwavering stand in solidarity with the legitimate Palestinian cause.

Speaking about the situation in the region, Sayyid Badr stressed the need to keep up constructive consultation between Oman and Iran as an effective means of enhancing mutual understanding and addressing regional challenges.

Sayyid Badr pointed out that he and his Iranian counterpart followed up, with great concern, the tragic situation in the Gaza Strip and the relentless military operations staged by Israeli occupation forces targeting civilians, public facilities, hospitals and schools.

The two sides commended the steadfastness of the Palestinian people and their invaluable sacrifices.

Sayyid Badr and his Iranian counterpart also laid emphasis on maintaining diplomatic and political efforts. They urged the international community to shoulder its responsibilities to stop the war, restore peace and security and resort to the rules of international law and international humanitarian law. In particular, they stressed the need to lift the unjust siege on the Gaza Strip and provide relief aid, including medical and life-saving supplies, to the stricken population there.

The two sides stressed that security and stability cannot be achieved without an end to Israeli occupation and the establishment of an independent Palestinian State in accordance with the resolutions of international law. These, they observed, constitute the core values of justice, and the dictates human of conscience and the tenets of religious and moral obligations.

The meeting was attended by Khalid Hashel Al Muselhi, Undersecretary of the Foreign Ministry for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Ibrahim Ahmed Al Mu’aini, Ambassador of the Sultanate of Oman to the Islamic Republic of Iran, and other officials.