India to hand over man accused of killing Omani family

Oman Saturday 25/November/2023 14:31 PM
By: Times News Service
India to hand over man accused of killing Omani family

Muscat: A man accused of murdering an Omani family including three children, will face trial in Oman based on a Delhi High Court decision issued on Friday. According to Indian media outlets, the Delhi High Court in India on Friday dismissed a plea by the accused challenging a trial court order recommending his extradition to Oman.

In July 2019, an Omani national was found dead at home with his wife and three minors. The accused was arrested in September 2019, along with three others who had committed the offense of premeditated murder punishable under Section 302A of the Oman Penal Code. After committing the crime he fled to India.

After an investigation was conducted at the request of the Centre, the trial court recommended his extradition. The High Court upheld the decision, holding that murder was an extraditable offense under the extradition treaty between India and Oman.

The court said that despite being given the opportunity, the accused could not present any evidence in his defence and that such defences may be raised during trial in the country requesting extradition.

The Court held that there was sufficient material to establish a prima facie case for extradition based on the requesting country’s evidence. Addressing concerns about a fair trial, the Center held talks with Oman and sought assurances regarding fair trial, free legal aid and interpreter services.