CMA creates webpage on Consumer Protection Statistics

Business Wednesday 15/November/2023 17:45 PM
By: Times News Service
CMA creates webpage on Consumer Protection Statistics

Muscat: The Capital Market Authority (CMA) launched an electronic service available to the public on its website titled 'Customer Protection Statistics' in the capital market and insurance sectors.

It is an electronic page that is automatically updated according to the movement and activity of electronic systems and services concerned with communicating with individuals and institutions in the two sectors. The page includes indices and data related to the details of inquiries and complaints submitted to the CMA, besides monitoring the execution status of such transactions. The page also allows the public to view the total number of comments received through the whistleblower system. The page reviews the level of customer satisfaction with the services provided by the CMA.

CMA seeks, by making the statistics related to the reality of communication with the public available, to complete its efforts to enhance direct and effective communication with the public through a package of electronic services to facilitate the public’s access, solve their problems, and deliver their messages through the available channels. The page on customer protection statistics comes to reflect the role and highlights the total number of complaints and comments received from the public, in addition to monitoring the execution status of cases, whether completed or cases still under process. Displaying statistics on the page also encourages the companies regulated by the CMA to improve their performance to achieve mutual trust among the participants.

It is noteworthy that the CMA announced earlier that it had transferred all communication services with the public to online services, such as complaints related to insurance companies and brokers, the system for submitting applications to the Fund for Compensation of Persons Injured in Traffic Accidents where the person causing the incident is unknown, inquiries and whistleblower systems, the complaints related to the capital market and services for calculating the value of cancelled vehicles.