Aman-1: The first satellite from Oman launched into space

Oman Monday 13/November/2023 14:02 PM
By: Times News Service
Aman-1: The first satellite from Oman launched into space

USA: On Saturday, November 11, an Omani company, ETCO SPACE, launched its first satellite, Aman-1, entering orbit from Space Launch Complex 4E in Vandenberg, California, US. The satellite set off on its historic mission aboard the Falcon 9, the first orbital class rocket capable of reflight.

The Sultanate of Oman, represented by ETCO SPACE, an Oman-based emerging technology innovator; SpaceX: an American aerospace manufacturer and space transport services company; SatRev: Polish nanosatellite manufacturer and operator and TUATARA: specialists in advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI), data analytics and cognitive technology solutions, have collaborated to launch nanosatellite into space. This project has been ongoing since October 2021, when the document on strategic cooperation was initialy signed, establishing this groundbraking Middle East space programme.

The successful launch of Aman-1, by SpaceX, included CubeSats and MicroSats for a variety of commercial and government customers, Transporter 9 lifted off from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California, US, placing the satellites into a 500 km Orbit.

"We are deeply grateful and honoured to have played a role in the success of this remarkable mission. Today marks an extraordinary day, not only for our Oman but also for all the companies involved in this historic endeavour. We firmly believe that the valuable scientific data obtained through satellite imagery analysis will be instrumental in advancing various fields of research and will further Oman's journey towards becoming a space-faring nation," remarked TUATARA's CEO, Krzysztof Goworek.

The Aman-1 mission goes beyond the mere act of sending a satellite into space; it encompasses a range of goals and ambitions aimed at promoting Oman's long-term growth, enhancing social and economic well-being, driving progress, and fostering confidence in all aspects of economic, social, and developmental relationships.

“The launch of ETCO SPACE’s first satellite into space is a novel step, but hopefully one of many. We are not only excited about the data and images that Aman-1 will provide, but also committed to pushing the boundaries of our space program in the coming months and years," stated Abdulaziz Jaafar, CEO of ETCO SPACE.

Through its space programme, ETCO SPACE will be able to conduct ground-breaking research, collecting high-resolution satellite photos, images which will be further digitally evaluated using Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and AI technologies created by TUATARA.

"The successful launch of Aman-1 and Stork-7 satellites represents the culmination of over a year's dedicated effort by the entire SatRev team. It is a moment of immense pride for my company and our partners in Oman,” affirmed Grzegorz Zwoliński, CEO of SatRev.

The launch of the Aman-1 satellite into orbit, represents just the beginning of ETCO SPACE's ambitious space program. As outlined in the agreement signed by all participating companies in 2021, ETCO SPACE's space journey is set to expand with the launch of more satellites, including the prospect of embarking on deep space missions.

In summary, ETCO SPACE’s expanding space program represents a strategic investment in technology and innovation that holds the potential to benefit multiple sectors of the economy. The satellite data is expected to drive progress in areas such as maritime industry, homeland security, environmental protection and telecommunications, ultimately contributing to Oman's economic and technological advancement.

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