Google launches new version of redesigned Chrome browser for computers

Business Sunday 12/November/2023 15:20 PM
Google launches new version of redesigned Chrome browser for computers

Washington: The American technology company Google announced that it has begun launching the new version of the redesigned Chrome computer browser for all users, based on the company's Material You design language.

Google is presenting these changes in its famous browser on the occasion of the fifteenth anniversary of its launch and relies heavily on the design language Material You that the company is developing for the Android system and the web, with many rounded corners in different aspects of the browser such as the side panel, changing the dimensions of the tab bar, address bar, and bookmarks.

Google removed the lock icon in the URL address bar due to almost all sites adopting the secure HTTPS protocol. Instead, it added a new icon that allows you to control data and site permissions. Other changes include new icons in the interface, and they appear clearly in the main menu, where each option is associated with an explanatory icon. The elements of that menu have also been rearranged, and a submenu has been added for the Google account logged in to the browser.

Chrome browser can now be customised using many colour options, which make the browser tabs fit into the toolbar, and the interface colour can be changed by clicking on the Customise Chrome option on the home page, but it is recommended to turn off night mode to get the best results when customising. In addition, the new design of the Google Chrome browser can be obtained on computers running Windows, Mac, or Linux systems by updating the browser to the latest version Chrome 119, noting that the new design of the browser is not yet available in the Chrome OS system yet.

In 2018, Google revealed the new changes to the Chrome browser interface for computers on September 2023, the first update to the browsers visual interface.