Endless tempting flavours of chocolates
July 9, 2018 | 5:13 PM
by Courtesy of Brandpoint
Expert chocolatiers can transform milk chocolates into endless tempting flavours.

Whether a fancy five-course social event, a laid-back barbecue or a progressive dinner party, what separates average from impressive entertaining is innovative and original ideas. One way to surely catch the attention of your guests while tempting their taste buds is to feature chocolate in your entertaining itinerary.

Fine chocolates add decadence to any event, but they are relatable and broadly enjoyed. Chocolate platters have replaced cheese platters at soirees, but what's really on trend for 2018 is chocolate. This interactive offering is a conversation starter that will delight guests — the perfect way to conclude a meal with friends or family.

While the idea of chocolate might seem complex, it's actually quite simple. These tips from the expert chefs who create Kohler Original Recipe Chocolates will make it virtually effortless to pair fine chocolates with your food so you can impress guests at your next event.

Offer an array of flavours

To ensure you have something for all guests no matter their preferences, opt for a variety of chocolates. Selections from the white, milk and dark chocolate categories offer an array of flavours. Some guests may gravitate to one over others, while other guests may choose to sample all three varieties. Suggest sampling from light to dark to balance the palate.

White chocolate

White chocolate is sweet and buttery, integrated into numerous types of confections, many of which feature fruit. The Kohler Cranberry Terrapin showcases cranberries and white chocolate with its signature smoky caramel. Cranberry and white chocolate are delicate flavours and this piece is crafted so that those flavours balance well and are not overpowered by the smokiness of the caramel.

Milk chocolate

Millions of people adore milk chocolate and expert chocolatiers can transform this delight into virtually endless tempting flavours. The Kohler Butterscotch Hop is one such example. The smooth, creamy butterscotch filling is enhanced by a custom blend of premium chocolate to elevate this flavour combination. It's velvety on the tongue with a light finish, plus the beautiful mould impresses the eye.

Dark chocolate is ideal to offer guests.

Dark chocolate

Rich and undeniably decadent, dark chocolate is ideal to offer guests. The flavours of coffee and dark chocolate are often fused together as they mingle together well. For example, the Kohler Caffé and Cream has dark chocolate coffee ganache with a layer of creamy mascarpone in a dark chocolate shell. This multi-layer chocolate is meticulously crafted and offers a burst of satisfying richness.


You can serve chocolate in a variety of ways. If you prefer to set up a beautiful buffet, you can display chocolates on a platter each labelled appropriately. Guests can help themselves at their leisure. You may also opt to serve guests by bringing out one by one and offering guests their choice of chocolate. No matter how you choose to serve, it's bound to be a memorable moment at a fantastic event.

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