The Honourable Lady sends greetings on Omani Women's Day

Oman Tuesday 17/October/2023 09:50 AM
By: Times News Service
The Honourable Lady sends greetings on Omani Women's Day

Muscat : Her Highness the Honourable Lady Assayida Ahd Abdullah Hamed Al Busaidi, Spouse of His Majesty the Sultan, extended her greetings on the occasion of Omani Women’s Day, which falls on October 17 of each year.

In her message, The Honourable Lady, Spouse of His Majesty the Sultan said, “It is our pleasure and pride on this 17th of October to express our appreciation and praise to the Omani women for their firm determination and tireless endeavour to carry out their honourable and prominent role in building the family and society and raising our dear homeland.

“The presence of Omani women is not hidden from anyone, as their efforts and roles are honourable and shining in all fields and at all levels. They have made appreciable contributions, and are an essential partner in building our homeland, Oman, and in advancing its renewed renaissance.

“On this glorious occasion, we congratulate ourselves and the Omani women, praising their achievements, and we call on them to continue on the path for the greater good of our dear homeland under the wise leadership of His Majesty the Sultan.

“On this day, we must remember what our sisters are going through in Gaza and all of Palestine, and salute their stance and steadfastness in the midst of bombardment and destruction. We pray to God to remove all harm from them, grant them peace, security and stability, and liberate Palestine so that our sisters can return to performing their desired role.”

“Happy Omani Women’s Day everyone.”