Tips to make your office a healthier space

Lifestyle Saturday 23/July/2016 16:54 PM
By: Times News Service
Tips to make your office a healthier space

Eight hours per day, 5 days a week: Your office is almost your second home. But sitting in a chair in front of a computer for too long can have an impact on your health. These few easy tips can help you create a healthier office environment.

1. Green Plants
Add green plants to your gloomy desk or at the corners of your office. It is proved that natural environments have a soothing effect and make you feel more comfortable. But it is not only the green cheering up your eyes. Plants help to clean the air, reduce the environmental pollution, and reduce eye irritation.

2. Natural Light
What is your table doing so far from the window? Natural light is the best light for your eyes and mind. Move the office furniture and materials far from the windows and place your desk next to the window. You can also paint the walls and ceiling with light colours. They will better reflect the natural light coming from outside.

3. Optimal Temperature
It is hot outside and the first thing you do when you arrive at your office is to put the temperature at penguin taste. Don’t do that. Between 20 and 24 degrees Celsius in winter and 23 and 26 degrees in summer is the ideal temperature.

4. Personalise Your Desk
Bring in a few personal items to decorate your desk. A cozy homey environment will make you feel comfortable and reduce your psychological exhaustion. But do not do anything extreme with the decoration, a clean organised desk is also essential to keep you focused.

5. Clean Your Keyboard, Mouse and Phone
Germs are everywhere, but if you type in your keyboard and put your phone next to your ear for 8 hours every day, they better be clean. Some virus can survive for days even in hard surfaces so take your disinfectant and kill those viruses waiting to make you sick.
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