Pact signed to establish Khazaen Logistics Centre

Business Monday 09/October/2023 17:58 PM
By: Times News Service
Pact signed to establish Khazaen Logistics Centre

Muscat: In a significant step toward bolstering Oman's economic landscape, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was recently inked between Khazaen Economic City and the Ministry of Transport, Communications, and Information Technology. The purpose of this MoU is to establish the Khazaen Logistics Centre within Khazaen Economic City, an initiative that aligns seamlessly with Oman Vision 2040.

This strategic agreement integrates the logistics sector with cutting-edge technologies, lucrative incentives, and progressive legislation. Its primary aim is to enhance in-country value and attract foreign direct investments, positioning the logistics industry as a pivotal contributor to Oman's economy, following the oil and gas sector. The Khazaen Logistics Centre will play a vital role in global trade dynamics, fostering economic activities across various sectors.

The Khazaen Logistics Centre will offer a comprehensive range of services to investors, including facilities such as the Khazaen Dry Port, cold and dry storage warehousing, retail warehousing, distribution, customs clearance, shipping, and redistribution. Moreover, it will function as a one-stop-shop, streamlining processes for the convenience of businesses and investors.

Located strategically within Greater Muscat, the Khazaen Logistics Centre holds immense promise for investors due to its optimal transportation infrastructure and proximity to international markets and land ports in neighboring countries.

Over the past 30 months, Khazaen Economic City has successfully attracted 22 logistics investments totalling OMR65 million. Notable investors include the Khazaen Dry Port, Oman's first inland port, and major companies like Saudi Naqel Express Company, the Qatari Gulf Warehousing Company (a logistical partner of the 2022 World Cup), and SARCO Technical. Additionally, local Omani companies such as Nool Delivery Company and Al Narjis International Company have contributed significantly, fostering an environment of growth and collaboration for local businesses, foreign investors, and small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

The Khazaen Logistics Centre boasts several key features, including the Khazaen Dry Port, TruckRest Area, Labor Villages, advanced logistical infrastructure, and the One-Stop-Shop for licenses and approvals. Furthermore, its strategic proximity to Muscat International Airport, Sohar Port, Al Suwaiq Port, and the land borders with the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia enhances its appeal. The centre offers a wide array of logistics solutions, including cold and dry storage warehousing, customs warehouses, open storage spaces, and dedicated facilities to support the booming E-commerce sector.

Situated in Barka, South Al Batinah Governorate, the Sultanate of Oman, Khazaen Economic City represents a pioneering effort in the realm of integrated economic zones. It stands out as the first project of its kind, collaboration between the public and private sectors. Located conveniently along the Batinah Expressway, Khazaen Economic City is positioned for substantial growth, complementing the urban development of Muscat Governorate. Its strategic location, merely half an hour away from Muscat International Airport and Suwaiq Port, as well as two hours from Sohar Port, underscores its accessibility.

Khazaen Economic City features several strategic projects, including the Khazaen Dry Port, the Food City (comprising the Khazaen Central Fruit & Vegetable Market), Khazaen Logistics Center, Labor Villages, and factories specializing in pharmaceuticals, bioenergy, mineralization technology, paper product recycling and medical and health equipment manufacturing.