Pakistan to deport 1.1 million illegal immigrants, including Afghan refugees

World Wednesday 04/October/2023 08:23 AM
Pakistan to deport 1.1 million illegal immigrants, including Afghan refugees

Kabul: In a recent announcement, the Pakistani government revealed its plan to deport 1.1 million illegal immigrants from the country, including individuals with Afghan refugees permits, Khaama Press reported.

The deportation process will be executed in three phases. Initially, all undocumented immigrants will be repatriated, followed by the expulsion of Afghan immigrants holding residence permits. It's estimated that around 700,000 Afghan immigrants will need to renew their residence permits.

Effective November 1, 2023, Pakistan will implement a "single-document system" at all border checkpoints with Afghanistan. This system will require Afghan citizens to possess a valid passport and visa for entry into Pakistan, according to Pakistani authorities, according to Khaama Press.

The Khaama Press News Agency is an online news service for Afghanistan.

Tensions between Kabul and Islamabad have played a significant role in the decision to deport long-term Afghan residents in Pakistan. Islamabad has urged the Taliban to prevent the entry of Afghan quasi-militants responsible for violent attacks in Pakistan, but these requests have not been met.

"Illegal foreign citizens pose a threat to Pakistan's security," reported Khaama Press citing an official source quoted by Associated Press Pakistan.

Afghan citizens have been accused of involvement in terrorist activities, with some reports suggesting that certain Taliban members have engaged in quasi-militant operations against Pakistani security forces.

Officials in Pakistan emphasised that Afghan citizens have been linked to past militant attacks within the country, including an assault on an army base in Balochistan.

Pakistan's Foreign Ministry has communicated with the Afghan Embassy in Islamabad, requesting that the Taliban government take custody of the bodies of three paramilitaries from Kandahar province who were involved in the aforementioned attack.

Additionally, Pakistan's Interior Ministry has collaborated with the Taliban government to devise a plan for the deportation of Afghan immigrants. This plan involves the gathering of Afghan immigrants and their transportation to the Afghan border using motor vehicles, Khaama Press reported.