Second phase of 'Localise Turmeric Cultivation' launched in Dhofar

Oman Wednesday 27/September/2023 14:16 PM
By: Times News Service
Second phase of 'Localise Turmeric Cultivation' launched in Dhofar

Muscat: The second phase of the project to localise turmeric cultivation in Dhofar Governorate was launched.

The promotional week for the turmeric powder product began in Salalah as part of the outputs of the development project “The Project to Localise Turmeric Cultivation in Dhofar Governorate,” which is being implemented by the Directorate General of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources for the second phase, with funding from the Agricultural and Fisheries Development Fund.

 The second phase of the project targets 55 farmers distributed over 25 villages, with a total cultivated area estimated at 4 acres, where production is expected to range from 20 to 25 tonnes.

The first phase was completed in 2022 , as 21 farmers were targeted during that phase within 12 villages from the four different wilayats (Salalah, Taqah, Dhalkut, and Rakhyut). It was crowned with success and promising results, as the production of 6 tonnes of fresh organic turmeric was achieved on an area estimated at approximately 1.4 acres.

 The project aims to stimulate and encourage farmers to settle the cultivation of turmeric in the Dhofar Governorate as a unique crop with added economic value and its health benefits and high demand locally and globally.

 It should be noted that the turmeric growing season begins in June and lasts from 6-8 months from planting until harvest time.