Omani firm Kahrab Performance pioneers the region’s EV future

Oman Saturday 23/September/2023 21:23 PM
By: Times News Service
Omani firm Kahrab Performance pioneers the region’s EV future

Muscat: An Omani founded company Kahrab Performance stands as a testament to its passion for innovation and carving out a niche in the booming world of electric vehicle (EV) mobility, at a time in which the region has growing ambitions to achieve net zero emissions within the next few decades. The company is transforming the landscape of EVs in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region.

Founded in Oman, by Al Munther Al Hashar and his colleague Eng. Samer Mardo, Kahrab Performance is the pioneering EV specialist company in the GCC region and specialises in upgrading, modifying and fabricating electric vehicles

In an exclusive interview with Times of Oman Al Munther Al Hashar spoke in detail about the company and its role, particularly in the context of Oman’s unique landscape and culture.

“We formed the idea of Kahrab to effectively deliver Elite Electric Performance to the e-moto community we are building,” Al Munther Al Hashar said.

The company focuses on creating a sustainable presence in the e-moto division and creating an e-moto powerhouse for regional communities, Al Munther Al Hashar said. “Through our company, the riding community is provided with an engaging platform to voice their input and share their experiences. Beyond this ambition, our team is dedicated to encouraging internal tourism and exploration in the various unique terrains and landscapes Oman has to provide,” he further added.

Well known for its ultra-reliability and customisability, Sur-Ron is the main representative of Kahrab – the first EV company in Oman. It is a high-performance electric motorbike company founded in 2014, with $30 million in initial investment, and started with a team of 40 engineers, Al Munther Al Hashar said.

“Understanding the off-road culture in Oman, we’ve tested our Sur-Ron motorbikes throughout the Sultanate’s toughest terrains—through water in Wadi Al Arbiyeen, dunes in Bidiyah, the mountains and plains in Quriyat. We continue to further our experiences and better our services to our riders and community members.” 

“With extreme success, the motorbikes always prove to be more than capable of conquering any and every terrain we have encountered,” he added.

Elaborating about what inspired Al Munther Al Hashar to venture into the electric vehicle business, he said, “I grew up around bikes, and I love the riding experience dearly. Just before the COVID-19 pandemic, I owned a traditional dirt bike which had its challenges in terms of downtime, breakdowns during rides.”

“Many of these challenges added up. I had to keep the motorbike upright to avoid leakage, the heavy weight, hefty fuel prices, complex mechanisms that are prone to failure , and general unreliability, after a while, it felt like a burden rather than something I could enjoy.”

In major contrast, Sur-Ron motorbikes, particularly starting with the pioneer, The Light Bee X (LBX), has been beyond reliable and convenient. It provides a thrilling and unique riding experience which motivated the team to dwell into the field of alternative energy.

“During the first 30 days that I owned my first LBX, my colleague Mariam H and I, crossed over 1,000km of various terrains without any major issues that we couldn’t solve on the spot with a few Allen keys,” Al Munther Al Hashar said.

Explaining Oman's commitments to a greener environment to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 how the company would ensure the country’s long-term goals on EV infrastructure for environmental conservation and responsible tourism, he said, “Kahrab aims to become a leader in the shift towards electric energy in Oman. We are looking to further our movement to provide clean energy transportation solutions,” he said.

“For example, we now proudly offer the first road-legal, Royal Oman Police (ROP) approved, electric motorbikes,” Al Munther Al Hashar added.

When asked about the electric motorbike industry evolving in Oman in the next few years, and the impact the company’s unique product hopes to make, Al Munther Al Hashar said, “We predict widespread adoption of electric motorbikes due to their user-friendly nature, and we find that the local culture is shifting to towards more adventurous local tourism.”

“We are proud that our motorbikes provide such a unique exploring experience allowing adventurers to reach beyond what they could have with any traditional vehicle. Our riders can reach uncharted peaks and wadis,” he said.

“We hope to stoke this growing interest in outdoor expeditions and hope to inspire others to explore the hidden gems that The Sultanate has to offer,” he added.