ISWK (Cambridge Curriculum) showcases spectacular achievement at World Scholar's Cup Global Academic Meet- Bangkok

Roundup Wednesday 13/September/2023 10:37 AM
By: Times News Service
ISWK (Cambridge Curriculum) showcases spectacular achievement at World Scholar's Cup Global Academic Meet- Bangkok

Muscat: ISWK (Cambridge Curriculum) the distinguished educational institution, Oman's sole representative, shines on the World Stage. The school is elated to announce a momentous achievement that underscores its unwavering commitment to academic excellence and holistic student development.

A six-member delegation from ISWK (Cambridge Curriculum) participated in the prestigious World Scholar's Cup (WSC) Global Round 2023 held in Bangkok, Thailand.

Their exceptional performance has not only made the school proud but has also garnered international acclaim.

Competing against 700 teams from around the world, ISWK (Cambridge Curriculum) secured an impressive 13th place at the WSC Bangkok Global Round. This remarkable feat was made possible through the collective efforts of the young scholars, who displayed unparalleled dedication, perseverance and talent throughout the week-long competition.

The team returned to Oman with a remarkable tally of 37 Gold and Silver medals, along with the prestigious International Recognition Trophy. The WSC competition spanned six subjects, including Science & Technology, History, Art, Literature, Music, and Special Area. ISWK (Cambridge Curriculum) delegates participated in both the Junior and Senior divisions, showcasing their academic prowess in various domains.

Distinguished Achievements -

Among the standout performers, Krish Kamath shined brightly and secured an astounding 10 Gold and 3 Silver medals. His exceptional performance earned him the privilege of being chosen as the Flag Bearer to represent the Sultanate of Oman at the event's spectacular closing ceremony, where he was also honoured with the Country Topper Gold Medal.

Samarth Pujari demonstrated his academic prowess by winning an impressive 8 Gold and 2 Silver medals in the fields of writing, debate, quiz and overall team achievement.

Siddarth Shankar with 3 Gold and 4 Silver medals, not only excelled academically but also had the honour of serving as a Judge for the debate showcase—an opportunity extended to only 20 selected individuals.

Nikhilesh Itlapuram secured 1 Gold and 3 Silver medals, earning praise for his overall performance.

In the Junior category, Aariz Kasmani received recognition with a Gold and Silver medal each for his outstanding achievements in the debate and writing categories. He was also selected as a Country Topper and had the honour of being a Flag Bearer, representing Oman in the Junior Category event.

Additionally, Ms. Ziana Ghosh’s remarkable performance earned her the coveted Gold - Asimov Award.

Apart from their outstanding academic achievements, the students had the opportunity to savour the vibrant atmosphere of the event, experience warm hospitality, indulge in sightseeing, engage in knowledge exchange and forge connections with peers from around the world. These experiences have left an indelible mark on their lives.

ISWK (Cambridge Curriculum), a beacon of excellence extends its hearty congratulations to all students for their exemplary performance and acknowledges the pivotal role played by the Educator &

Team Coordinator Ms. Sophia Vincent, whose dedication and guidance were instrumental in nurturing these young talents.

The students are now eagerly preparing to represent ISWK (Cambridge Curriculum) at the Tournament of Champions (TOC), which promises to be an extraordinary academic experience. TOC provides a platform for interaction with the world's finest scholars and offers a taste of life at the prestigious Yale University, USA, from November 2nd to 8th, 2023.

The School Principal and management convey their best wishes to the students as they embark on this next exciting chapter of their academic journey. They are confident that the young scholars will continue to shine brightly and bring honours to themselves and their beloved #SchoolOfChoice.